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 Police Misconduct
 Shooting Death in Milwaukee
 Wrongful Convictions in Wisconsin
 Freedom of Religion or Child Neglect
 ​Can Your DNA Be Taken Even If You Are Unjustly ...
 Racial Disparity in Possession of Marijuana Arrests in Wis
 Burglary Plus Gun Theft Results in One Death and 10 ...
 NGI Defense Progresses in Local Homicide Trial
 Church Sex Abuse Scandal New Information
 Victim of a Crime or Perpetrator
 ​Fraud Sentence Reduced
 Domestic Violence Results in Murder Suicide
 Double Edged Sword of Reliance on Faith Healing
 Wisconsin Woman Arrested After Driving Drunk...
 US Senator Ron Johnson Expresses Commitment ...
 Waukesha Subway Robbery Suspect Due in Court
 Violent Crime Rate in Milwaukee Reaches All Time ...
 US Rep.Ryan Talks Immigration Reform in Wisconsin
 Will Wisconsin Driver Get Maximum Penalty for 5th OWI?
 Mayor Addressing Milwaukee Violent Crime Issue
 Wis Police Officer Resigns After Sexual Crime Charges
 Milwaukee Immigration Activist Arrested During ...
 Milwaukee Woman Arrested for DUI had 8 Children in Car
 Wisconsin Residents Stand on Crime & Punishment
 Will Wisconsin Lawmakers Approve Tougher OWI Laws?
 Wis Man Files Appeal After Denied Concealed Firearms ...
 Wisconsin Considers Trying Non-Violent Teens ...
 A Lawyer's Dedication to Serving His Clients
 Detective Faces Criminal Charges After Lying to the FBI
 Immigration Reform in the Works for Congress
 Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
 Defending Allegations of Abuse
 LaCrosse Heroin and Coke Dealer gets 9+ Years
 Reckless Driving, Hit & Run, OWI & Driving Offenses...
 Arraignments for Suspects Accused of Robbery in Milwaukee
 Wisconsin Drunk Driving Offenses for Wrong Way Drivers Yields ...
 Expungement - Can't We Just Make This All Go Away???
 Charged with Identity Theft: Is Your Life Over?
 Atty. Scott McClune Obtains Acquittal in Milwaukee Rape Trial ...
 Wisconsin Attorney General Contender's Platform on Crime 
 Immigration Officials Detain Multiple People In WI Crackdown
 Think Before You Ink - WI Forgery Charge Can Cost You
 Busted - I Got Caught with Drugs
 Does Talking to a Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer Mean I'm Getting ...
 What Is the Deal With Plea Bargaining?
 5 Reasons You Should Invoke Your Miranda Rights & Remain ...
 My Ex Denied My Visitation with My Kids!
 Chances of Immigrating to the US on an Employment Visa?
 You Can't Underestimate the Importance of Attention to Detail ...
 Is it Theft or Fraud to Retain a Profit Received By Mistake?
 Protecting the Kids as a Priority in Wisconsin Divorce
 Immigration Relief: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
 It is OK to Maintain Relationships After a Divorce
 Will a Criminal Record Make Me Ineligible to Join the Military?
 What Is the Difference Between Harassment & Stalking in WI?
 Someone Filed a CHIPS Petition Against Me - What Now?
 I Want to Change the Rules of My Probation
 Things To Ask When Searching for a Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer
 Questioning Paternity In Divorce Proceedings
 What Happens if I Confessed to Something I Didn't Do....
 Inadmissible to the US?  Maybe You're Eligible for a Waiver
 The Police Want to Search Me, My Home or My Car; Now What?
 Charged with Drugs in Milwaukee, WI: Methamphetamine
 Does the Immigration Petition Survive the Death of Your Spouse?
 Do Criminal Penalties Differ for Immigrants?
 What Are Milwaukee County Jail Visitation Rules?
 Someone Attacked Me, So Why Was I Charged with a Crime?
 Can I Work in the US without a Visa?
 Is Statutory Rape a Serious Sex Crime?
 What Can You Do if You Are Facing Deportation?
 Hiding a Criminal Past Isn't Such an Easy Task These Days
 Fundamental Right to Education for All Children
 WI Reckless Driving Charges
 US Immigration & Children - The Crisis on the Border
 Can I Be Charged with Escape for Walking Away from Huber?
 Implicating Yourself through Social Media - Part 2
 Employee Theft, Embezzlement & Other White Collar Crime
 Repeat Offenders & Penalty Enhancers: 3 Strikes, You're Out!
 WI DUI Proof and Penalties
 Riding the Rollercoaster Emotions of Divorce
 Kids at the Border - Immigration Law and Society
 Should Juveniles be Tried in Adult Courts?
 When Should You Look for a DUI Lawyer in Milwaukee?
 Who Can Become a US Citizen?
 Protect Your Right to Remain Silent!
 Want to Know What Happens in Removal Proceedings
 Tips to Help Cope During Divorce
 What Do I Need to Know About WI Gun Laws?
 WI Prostitution Charges & Solicitation Sex Crimes
 Coping with Addiction in Jail
 U.S. Immigration Law Surprising Facts
 Getting through Divorce without Alienating Your Ex
 Immigrating to the US with Humanitarian Grounds & Waivers
 Suffering from Depression while Getting Divorced
 Getting Divorced while Maintaining Your Dignity
 Milwaukee Sex Crimes - Soliciting a Minor Online in WI
 Kidnapping and Wisconsin Sex Crimes
 Milwaukee Sex Crime Lawyer Defends Serious Sex Offenses
 Criminal Charges and Facing Jail from a Bar Fight in Milwaukee
 What Should You Tell People about a Family Member in Jail?
 Death of Your Sponsoring Spouse During Immigration Process
 Will My Finances Include Alimony After My Divorce?
  Why Are My In-Laws Getting So Nasty?
 Is Immigration Reform Coming Soon?
 Is Running from the Cops a Serious Offense in Milwaukee?
 What Are the Most Common Criminal Charges in Milwaukee?What Can Happen if You Fight with a Milwaukee Police Officer?
 What Should I Do if Police Threaten to Deport Me?
 What Criminal Cases Have Penalty Enhancers in Wisconsin?
 How Can You Change Custody or Placement of Your Child?
 What Happens if your Child Is Charged with a Crime?
 Who Gets Busted for Soliciting a Prostitute in Wisconsin?
 Get Your Company Certified to Hire Foreign Labor
 What Happens in Milwaukee, WI if I'm Arrested for Drug Dealing?
 Why Would You Get Sole Custody of the Children?
 Not Everyone Believes in Immigration Reform!
 What Do the Best Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers Recommend?
 How Has Immigration Policy in the United States Changed?
 Were the Police Really Allowed to Do That to Me?
 If I'm Charged with Sexual Assault will I have to Register?
 Someone Died - Will I Be Charged with Homicide?
 Can I Still See My Ex Step-kids if I Divorce their Biological Parent?
 Are Violent Crimes Serious Felonies in Wisconsin?
 How can I get temporary protected status in the United States?
 What can I do if I'm raided by immigration police?
 Will my kids get a guardian ad litem for my case?
 Can I be charged with indecent exposure for skimpy clothes?
 Do all kids get taken to juvenile detention if they commit a crime?
 I was in a car accident and someone died, will I be charged?
 What can I do if a family member has a mental breakdown?
 Is Trump's stance on immigration consistent with U.S values?
 Can a restraining order help me with harassment by my ex?
 Can an immigration lawyer help me fight deportation? 
 Can a lawyer get me out of paying child support?
 How can I increase the child support I receive?
 What effect do all the Syrian immigrants have on visas?
 Will domestic violence charges affect custody of the kids?
 When is graffiti a crime and when is it art?
 How much of my body can I show before its indecent exposure?
 What does it mean to be a habitual traffic offender?
 What are the penalties for traffic offenses in Wisconsin?
 What can I do if I'm falsely accused of child abuse?
 How can I get a refugee visa to the United States?
 Can I get temporary protected status?
 Did I commit a sexual assault?  
 What does it mean to me if I'm convicted of domestic violence?
 Can I go to jail if I don't register as a sex offender?
 What can U.S. immigration laws do to help me if I'm a crime victim?
 How do people get through the stress of divorce?
 How often are drug charges dismissed?
 How can I get a temporary work visa?
 Will Obama be able to stop the mass deportation?
 What can a lawyer do to help in a murder case?
 Does DACA really prevent you from being deported?
 Will a conviction for a sexual assault be on my record forever?
 Are teen affected by divorce?
 What kind of punishment do you get for stealing?
 Does WI have a make my day law?
 Is it common to see child pornography cases?
 Can my ex try to annul our marriage?
 Can anyone who has a green card get citizenship in the U.S.?
 Who decides if the police interrogation was fair?
 Will my lawyer ask me if I'm guilty of the crime?
 If I have the right to remain silent can I ignore police?
 When will a deportation be stopped?
 Online Solicitation of a Minor in Wisconsin
 Do You Need to Talk to a Therapist During Divorce?
 Charges of Child Neglect in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 A Guardian ad Litem’s Role in Your Divorce Case
 What Are the Degrees of Sexual Assault in Wisconsin?
 Will You Be Convicted of Spousal Abuse in Milwaukee?
 Steering Clear of Networking Sites During Divorce
 How should you talk about our criminal record in an interview?
 Will SCOTUS Rule in Favor of the DAPA Program?
 What to Do if You’re Charged With Misdemeanor Theft in Milwaukee
 What You Need to Know About Amnesty in Immigration
 Have You Been Charged With a Violent Crime in Milwaukee?
 Applying for Naturalization in the U.S.
 Should You Admit Guilt to Your Sexual Assault Lawyer?
 Charged With Robbery in Milwaukee? At least You Aren't THIS Dumb
 Donald Trump on Immigration: Why You Don’t Care What He Thinks
 Immigration: Could You Be Eligible for Deferred Action Under DACA?
 5 Tips for Surviving Divorce With Your Sanity Intact
  What to Do if You’re Accused of Kidnapping or False Imprisonment
  Why You May Need a Waukesha Immigration Lawyer
  Arrested? You’re Probably Heading to the Milwaukee Jail
  What to Do if You’re Busted in a Prostitution Sting
 What You Need to Know to Fight Deportation
 Do You Need to Talk to a Statutory Rape Lawyer in Milwaukee?
 What Happens if You Stay Together for the Kids?
 Let’s Talk About Contempt of Court
 What You Need to Know About Battery and Assault Charges in Milwaukee
 Internet Sex Crimes and Charges: What You Need to Know
 What You Should Ask During an Interview With a Divorce
 Penalties for Each Category of Felony in Wisconsin
 How to Deal With a Cheating Spouse 
 Military Members May Be Eligible for Expedited Citizenship
 Indecent Exposure Laws (Lewd and Lascivious Behavior) in Wisconsin
  How Does a Naturalization Ceremony Work?
  Can You Be Convicted of Date Rape?
  3 Tips for Co-Parenting You Can’t Miss
 Differences Between Public Defenders and Hired Attorneys
 Immigration Status and Criminal Charges: What You Need to Know
 Is it a Crime to Be a Passenger in a Stolen Vehicle?
 Communicating With Your Spouse During Divorce “Why is My Dad in Jail?” Answers to Kids’ Questions About Prison
 Doctors and the Conrad 30 Waiver Program: What to Know
 St. Patrick’s Day and DUI: What to Do Now
 Felons and Guns in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know
 Juvenile Trial or Adult Trial? What You Need to Know
 Can the Person You’re Marrying Come to the U.S. on a K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa?
 Can You Move Out of Wisconsin With Your Kids During a Divorce?
 Working in the U.S. Under a Visa
 What Psychologists Say About Telling Your Kids You’re Divorcing
 Prescription Pills and Driving: What You Need to Know
 Can You Get in Trouble for Destroying Your Own Property in Wisconsin?
 What You Need to Know About Assault and Battery in Wisconsin
 What You Need to Know About No-Fault Divorce in Wisconsin
 How Can You Lose Your Chance at Citizenship?
 Accused of Sexual Assault? These Are 3 Common Defenses
 Your Divorce and Wisconsin Child Support Laws
 What You Need to Know About Weapons Offenses
 Credit Card Fraud Defenses Lawyers Can Use
 Considering Citizenship in the U.S.?
​ What Constitutes Good Moral Character for Immigrants?
 Firearm Negligence While Hunting is a Crime
 5 Books That Can Help Your Pre-Teen Deal With Divorce
​ What if Someone Accuses You of Rape?
What Should You Do if Your Underage Child is Caught Drinking?
Trump Undoes Obama Legacy by Ending DACA
Helping Children Cope With Holidays When a Parent is in Jail
LGBT Divorce in Milwaukee: What You Need to Know
What Rights Do Fathers Have During Divorce?
What You Need to Know About Divorce Self-Care
Naturalization and U.S. Military Service
What Are Felony Violent Crimes in Wisconsin?
Why You Should Work With – Not Against – Your Ex During Divorce
3 Reasons People Charged With Felony Offenses Need Lawyers
Do You Need an Attorney After You Adopted a Child Overseas?
Your Fiancé(e) and a K-1 Visa: What You Need to Know
Felony Battery Charges in WI
Can Sexting Be Illegal for Adults?
Why Do People Use Visa Lawyers?
Will You Go to Prison for Check Forgery in Milwaukee?
Finding Family Law Attorneys in Milwaukee: What You Need to Know
Does Committing a Crime Get You Deported From the U.S.?
What if You’re Convicted of Identity Theft?
B-1 Visas and Your Business
What is a Plea Deal With the Prosecutor?
Setting Negotiation Rules During Divorce
Acceptable Outfits for Court Appearances
Are There Legal Requirements for Divorce in Wisconsin?
How Do Wisconsin Child Support Laws Apply to You?
Wisconsin’s Statutory Rape Laws: What You Need to Know
What You Need to Know About Forgery Crimes in Wisconsin
Common Reasons People Are Deemed Ineligible for Visas
Is a Breathalyzer Test Legal?
How Do You Divide Debt in a Divorce?
How Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help People?
Can Military Family Members Get U.S. Citizenship?
​What is the Prosecutor’s Role in a Criminal Case?
3 Signs You Should Use Mediation in Your Divorce
How to Act When Police Pull You Over
Can You Stay Out of the U.S. if You Have a Green Card?
What’s Extended Supervision in Milwaukee?
Spouses and Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know
Penalty for Felon With a Firearm in Milwaukee
Possible Defenses Against Homicide Charges
What Are Trespassing Charges in Milwaukee?
Talk to a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Uncontested Divorce: What You Need to Know
Deportation if You Have a Green Card
What if You Were Charged for a Crime You Committed While Drunk?
5 Books to Help Your Kids Through Divorce
Are There 4 Degrees of Sexual Assault?
U.S. Naturalization Steps
Does Infidelity Matter in a Divorce in Wisconsin?
Can You Pick Up Road Rage Charges in Milwaukee?
Wisconsin Perjury Laws
Can You Hire a Lawyer for Someone Else (Like Your Boyfriend)?
Could You Benefit From Family Law Mediation?
How Do You Become a Citizen of the U.S.?
Learn the Rights and Responsibilities of U.S. Citizens
How to Help Kids Through the Holidays When a Parent is Incarcerated
What Are Fiancé Visas?
Can You Hunt if You Have a Pending Felony Case?
Is it a Good Idea to Move Out of Your House During Divorce?
Milwaukee Child Custody Laws
First Offense Felony Drug Charges in Milwaukee, WI
What to Do if You Get Hit and Run Charges
What Happens When Your Ex Won't Let You See Your Child?
Learn About Grounds of Inadmissibility
Information for Asylees on Working, Families and More
Types of Theft: Armed Robbery, Burglary and Embezzlement
Involuntarily Committed to a Mental Institution: What Next?
What to Do if You’re Charged With Criminal Damage to Property
Guide to the Naturalization Process
Learn About Criminal Traffic Offenses in Wisconsin
Are There Grounds for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights in WI?
Is It Statutory Rape if Your Girlfriend is Under 18?
Some Exceptions to Naturalization Requirements in the U.S.
What Should You Do if You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest in Milwaukee?
How Does a Prenuptial Agreement Affect Your Divorce in Milwaukee?
​Selling Prescription Drugs in Milwaukee 
​What Are VAWA Protections for Immigrant Women and Crime Victims?
Should You Stick With a Public Defender?
3 Benefits to Reaching a Custody Agreement Outside of Court
How Much Time Will You Serve for a Felony?
Can You Be Charged With Reckless Driving for Using Your Phone?
What Happens if You’re Falsely Accused of a Crime?
Guide to U.S. Visas
U.S. Immigration’s Unlawful Presence Bars
Marsy’s Law: What You Need to Know
What Should You Do if You’re Caught With Vicodin in Milwaukee?
What You Need to Know About Divorce and Retirement Assets in Wisconsin
How to Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage
3 Myths About Mexican Migration, Debunked
3 Negotiation Tips to Help Divorcing Couples
What to Know About Collaborative Divorce
What if You’re Caught Illegally Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Milwaukee?
Are There Differences Between Asylees and Refugees?
What Are the Child Placement Laws in Wisconsin?
The U.S. Naturalization Test: Could You Pass if You Had To?
3 Ways to Reduce Stress During Divorce
Does Wisconsin Have DUI Checkpoints?
Here’s What to Do if You’re Charged With Sexual Assault in Milwaukee
What You Need to Know About Petty Theft in Wisconsin

 Winning Domestic Violence Trial Strategy
 Failure to Pay Child Support
 New Milwaukee Crime Info Website
 Major Players Involved in Pursuing US Immigration Reform
 Sexual Assault Charges Against Milwaukee Police Officer ...
 NGI Plea In Homicide Can Lead To Lifetime Commitment
 Bail Bondsmen Debate in Wisconsin
 Police Instantly Track When Shots Are Fired in Milwaukee
 Divorce Rates Are Climbing Among Baby Boomers
 Infant Dies After Mom Threw Him to the Ground
 Scare of a Lifetime
 Incidents in Milwaukee - Were There Arrests or Criminal Charges?
 Questionable Decisions by Milwaukee Police Department
 Milwaukee Woman Awaits Trial for 3rd OWI Offense
 Legal Action Filed by Strip Search Victims May Prove Costly ...
 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Supports Immigration Reform
 Milwaukee Assault Victim Claims Suspect Cited Trayvon Martin ...
 Will Obama's FBI Nominee Make a Difference in Milwaukee's Crime
 What's Up with Gov. Walker's Stance on WI Immigration Reform?
 Juvenile Cases Benefit from a Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer
 Group Targets Ryan Over Support of Immigration Reform in WI
 Milwaukee Police Chief Pushes for Tougher Gun Laws
 Eau Claire County Joins Wisconsin Crime Alert Network
 Civil Rights Coalition Denounces Anti-Immigration Sentiments ...
 Will Joint Efforts Reduce Crime Rate in Milwaukee?
 WI Dept of Transportation Exec Fired for Immigration Remarks
 Immigration Reform is in the Air for Wisconsin
 Chamber of Congress Pushes for Immigration Reform
 Does Wisconsin Law Unfairly Impact Minorities? Part 1
 Does Wisconsin Law Unfairly Impact Minorities? Part 2
 Attorney Carlos Gamino on Immigration Reform
 Tips to Look for the Best Family Law Attorney
 Milwaukee on Forbes Magazine's "Most Dangerous Cities" List
 Burglary Charges - Increase Odds of Success with Legal Help
 Should I Hire a Lawyer? When You Need a Milwaukee Criminal ...
 Caught Shoplifting? What Can You Do?
 WI Majority Leader Removed After Sexual Harassment Allegations
 How to Protect Yourself if Faced with Shoplifting Allegations
 Human Trafficking is a Growing Problem in Wisconsin - Part 1
 Wisconsin Sex Trade & Sexual Crimes in Milwaukee - Part 2
 WI DUI Charges: Difference Between OWI & DUI in Milwaukee
 Felony Jury Trial by Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer Matt Last
 Hiring an Immigration Lawyer
 How Serious is Disorderly Conduct in Wisconsin?
 Fleeing From an Officer - Can You Be Charged?
 Atty Carlos Gamino about Wis. Rep. Paul Ryan on Immigration ...
 I Don't Need a Lawyer if I'm Innocent, Right?
 A Judge Ordered Me Removed From the US - Can You Help?
 5 Things You Should Know About Alimony
 US Immigration Helps Victims of Domestic Violence
 How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wisconsin?
 My Husband or Wife Got Arrested, What Should I Do?
 How Could I Have Been Arrested if I Didn't Commit a Crime?
 Can I Change My Custody & Placement Orders if My Ex ...
 Racial Profiling In Wisconsin Courts
 Supportive Dual Parenting for the Good of the Kids
 Escape Danger or Persecution by Immigrating to the United States
 Can I Get a Breaking & Entering Conviction Expunged?
 What Can I Do if Police Question My Child without Me Present?
 What Makes a Good NGI Defense?
 Can I Be Charged with DUI for Boating While Intoxicated in WI?
 What Should I Wear to Court?
 Can a Lawyer Help Me Get a Non-Immigrant US Visa?
 My Ex Has a Mental Illness and I Want a Divorce
 Who Commits a Crime and Brags about it on Social Media?
 Things to Know about the Milwaukee Family Court System
 Everyone's Right to an Education Regardless of Immigration Status
 Dangers of Fleeing an Officer
 Charged with Prescription Drug Offenses in Milwaukee?
 Advice to Help Young Children Get through Divorce
 Negligent Driving vs Reckless Driving
 I'm Getting a Divorce: Should I Start Dating Again?
 Unusual Circumstances Result in Serious Drug Charges
 Discussing Divorce with the Children
 Things to Know about Women & Prison in Wisconsin
 Dividing the Property in Divorce
 Attorney Carlos A. Gamino on US Naturalization
 Is it Better to Face a Hit & Run Charge or DUI?
 Why is My Child Getting in Trouble?
 The Risks Involved with Sexting
 Murphy's Law And the Humor in Criminal Law
Best Defenses Used by Lawyers to Fight a DUI in Milwaukee
 Providing Financial Support to the Ex
 Worried about Being Added to the WI Sex Offender Registry?
 Which Lawyer Is Best for My Case?
 Is It a Serious Crime to Write a Bad Check?
 What If Your Immigration Status Or Citizenship Wasn't A Certainty?
 Can I Afford to Get Divorced in my 50s or 60s?
 Visa Waiver Program or Visitor Visa Required?
 What is a Parenting Coach?
 Is there Hope for Immigration Reform in the US?
 What Are the Penalties if I'm Convicted of DUI in Wisconsin?
 What Happens if I'm Charged with a Schedule II Drug in WI? 
 Milwaukee Child Sex Offenses and Statutory Rape Charges
 Pregnant and In Custody
 Criminal Driving Offenses and Teens
 Ways to Immigrate to the United States Legally
 When Is it Ok to Start Dating During Divorce? 
 Carlos Gamino Discusses Preparing for Immigration Interviews
 Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers on Coping with Divorce Emotions
 Explaining Jail to Kids
 What Rights Do I Have while I'm in Custody - Jail or Prison?
  Do I Need a Lawyer for a Theft Charge in Milwaukee?
 How Long Will it Take to Get Papers to Immigrate to the USA?
 How Much Do You Know About Vehicular Homicide Offenses?
 What Should I Do About My Ex's Aggressiveness?
 Hope, Change, and Executive Orders
 Who Decides What is Best for the Kids During a Divorce?
 Who Can Start a Mental Commitment Proceeding?
 What Things Do You Need to Take Care of After Your Divorce?
 Can I Qualify for an Immigrant Visa to the US through My Family?
 Why would You Terminate Your Ex's Parental Rights?
 My Check Bounced - Is That a Crime?
 How Much Will My Divorce Hurt My Baby?
 What is a Special Class of Immigrant?
 Who Gets Charged with D.V. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
 She Said I Raped Her - Will I Be Charged with Sexual Assault?
 How Much Can I Drink and Legally Drive in Wisconsin?
 Fighting for My Kids - How Far Should I Go?
 I Want to Get Medical Treatment in the United States
 Can I Have Sex with My Teenage Girlfriend or Boyfriend?
 How Can the President's Policy Help Me Become an American?
 Who Gets Charged with Possession of Child Pornography?
 Is there a Difference between Custody and Placement of Children?
 How serious is it if I injured someone while driving drunk in WI?
 I can't be charged with sexual assault of I'm falsely accused, right?
 How can I bring my fiance to the U.S. to get married?
 What do I need to know to terminate a domestic partnership?
 Are there more changes happening to U.S. immigration laws?
 Do people really go to jail for shoplifting?
 How much does my lawyer need to know about me and my case?
 Is my case really serious?
 What charges might I face if someone died in a car I was driving?
 What will happen if I don't register as a sex offender when ordered?
 How long will I spend in prison if I'm charged with a DUI death?
 What happens if I'm caught with child pornography?
 What crimes are considered child sex crimes?
 Can I be charged with rape for non-consensual sex with a spouse?
 What is the process for terminating someone's parental rights?
 Should we build a wall with Canada to keep us safe?
 Would immigration reform help Wisconsin agriculture?
 Should I tell the judge if I think my ex is neglecting our child?
 How can I get spousal support in WI and how much do I get?
 What are the worst crimes in WI?
 My ex filed for child custody and placement, will they get it?
 Am I going to be charged with credit card fraud?
 Can I work if I get DACA?
 Will I go to prison if I'm falsely accused of sexual assault?
 Will it help me if I try get along with my ex during my divorce?
 I'm charged with kiddy porn - now what?
 Should I hire a lawyer for my paternity?
 Can a lawyer get me out of a burglary criminal charge?
 How much should we tell our teen about our divorce?
 Are there resources for kids whose parents are in custody?
 Is it common to be depressed while going through a divorce?
 Will it affect my divorce if there are domestic violence charges?
 Can I bring my same sex spouse to the United States?
 Can I be charged with sexual assault for a misunderstanding?
 Do I want to fight for legal custody or physical placement, or both?
 Will my situation qualify for political asylum?
 Are kidnapping and false imprisonment charges the same?
 Can a lawyer help me get an alternative to revocation?
 Will legal immigrants need to worry about status if Trump is elected?
 Do moms and dad have the same rights when it comes to the kids?
 Who gets what if we get divorced in Wisconsin?
 Can I take back my confession if the police forced me to say it?
 Charged With Car Theft in Milwaukee?
 DHS Ruling on Work Authorization for STEM Grads
 Receiving Stolen Property: Consequences in Wisconsin
 Extension on Temporary Protected Status as of May 2016: Nicaragua and Honduras
 What Will Happen to Immigration in the U.S. When a New President Takes Office?
 Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust to Your New House After Divorce
 What Should You Say to Police Who Want to Search You?
 5 Tips for Helping Teens Cope With Divorce
 What Should You Share With Your Criminal Defense Attorney?
 Will You Get (or Pay) Child Support Under Wisconsin Law?
 Felony Theft vs. Misdemeanor Theft Under Wisconsin Law
 How a Divorce Party Could Go Terribly, Terribly Wrong
 The Craziest DUI Cases Ever 
 Forget About Going Back to Court… Head to the Beach Instead?
 Books and Resources for Kids Experiencing Divorce
  What to Expect at Your Initial Meeting With a Waukesha Divorce Lawyer
  Is Drugged Driving the Same as Drinking and Driving?
  Can Trump Force Police to Arrest Undocumented Immigrants?
 All About Green Cards
 What Should You Do if You’re Arrested in Waukesha?
 Let’s Talk About Separation Agreements
 Waukesha Petty Theft Charges: What to Do Now
 How Much Should You Tell Your Milwaukee Divorce Attorney?
 Drunk Driving Charges in Waukesha
 About Labor Certification Immigration
 What You Need to Know About Milwaukee Child Abuse Lawyers
 Why Some People Get Restraining Orders During Divorce
 Do You Have to Register With the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry?
 What to Do About Prescription Drug Crime Charges
 U.S. Citizenship for Spouses and Children of Armed Forces Members
  Questions on the U.S. Citizenship Test
  Divorce and the Emotional Fallout
  Do You Need a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?
  Who Needs a Sex Offender Lawyer in Milwaukee?
  Pulled Over and Caught With Drugs – What’s Next?
 Alimony and Your Divorce Under Wisconsin Law
 Can You Become a Naturalized Citizen of the U.S.?
 What Are the Penalties for Misdemeanor Theft in Waukesha?
 What if You’re Convicted of Felony Theft in Waukesha, WI?
 Should You Try to Fight Your Prenup During Divorce?
 Underage Drinking in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know
 Can You Come to the U.S. as a Student?
 Divorce and Mediation: What You Need to Know
 Criminal Harassment or Stalking? The Differences Between the Crimes
 Wisconsin Custody Laws and Mothers: What You Need to Know
 Is Legalizing Pot in Wisconsin a Pipe Dream?
 What You Need to Know About Stalking Charges in Milwaukee
 Why an Arson Defense Lawyer May Be Helpful to You
 Which U.S. Immigration Forms Do You Need?
 Talking to a Stalking Defense Lawyer
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