What is Spousal Support in Wisconsin?

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duration and amount depends on a number of external factors. Your Milwaukee alimony lawyer can explain the process of seeking spousal maintenance and what happens if the court orders you to pay it.

Determining Spousal Support

Unlike many states, Wisconsin has no mathematical formula when it comes to determining how much spousal support should change hands. Your judge will consider a number of factors relevant to your case, such as:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Health of each spouse
  • Educational level of each spouse
  • Earning ability of spouse requesting relief
  • Debts owed to each other and to outside parties

Who May Ask for Spousal Support?

Under Wisconsin law, the dependent spouse does not always have to file for him- or herself. Others may file on the dependent spouse’s behalf, including the other spouse, the child (if a minor), a third party with custody of the child, or any “non-legally responsible relative,” which means a family member who has no legal custody rights. This ensures that any member of the family has the opportunity to help a loved one get spousal maintenance. 

Family Support in Wisconsin

Wisconsin allows judges to combine the total amount of spousal maintenance and child support together to make payments easier. It’s called family support, but it requires the judge to determine child support (there’s a specific formula for child support in Wisconsin) and spousal maintenance separately. Once the judge determines both types of support, he or she can create an order that combines the two.

In many cases, particularly when a spousal maintenance obligation ends before child support does, it can affect the way each party has to file their taxes. Sometimes it’s in both parties’ best interests to keep spousal maintenance and child support separate.

Do You Need Help With Spousal Maintenance?

If you’re asking for or being ordered to pay alimony, it may be a good idea to call a Milwaukee spousal support lawyer who can help. Your lawyer can explain the process, file the appropriate paperwork and ensure that you’re fairly represented in court.

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What is Spousal Support Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Waukesha Spousal Maintenance Lawyers
By Carlos Gamino

Spousal maintenance, which is commonly referred to as alimony, is a court-ordered method of payment designed to help the more financially dependent spouse deal with the financial hardships often caused by divorce. It can be temporary or permanent, but the 
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