The Drawn-Out Custody Battle - What's Best for Your Kids

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draw out your custody issues rather than settling on what’s best for your children?

First Things First: Drawn-Out Custody Battles Are Unhealthy

It’s not good for you, your spouse or your children if you’re gridlocked because neither adult in the situation wants to budge.

You need to talk to your Milwaukee divorce attorney about your options if you just cannot get your spouse to agree on child custody. He or she will be able to give you case-specific guidance that can help you navigate the negotiation process.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Wisconsin

There are two distinct types of custody: physical and legal. Those two types can be shared by both parents, or, less frequently, can be held by just one parent. When custody is shared, it’s considered joint; when only one parent has it, it’s considered sole custody.

Physical custody refers to the legal right of a parent to have the child live in his or her home. In many cases, physical custody is shared between both parents.

A parent with legal custody has the right and obligation make decisions related to things such as school, medical care and religious upbringing.

Avoiding Drawn-Out Custody Battles

While it can be exceptionally difficult, particularly when you’re fighting with your spouse and you’re frustrated, it’s best to focus on making your child’s life as stable and happy as possible. It’s hard, but try to avoid letting your emotions overwhelm you. 

Never let your children see you and your spouse argue. If your spouse tries to pick a fight with you, tell him or her you will discuss the issue later and leave the situation. 

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The Drawn-Out Custody Battle - What's Best for Your Kids - Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer
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High-conflict divorces involve spouses arguing about everything—money, children, property and more. When couples fight, the battles can drag on for months; that’s not good for anyone involved.

So what should you do if your soon-to-be ex wants to
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