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2/9/13 Welcome
3/29/13 Police Misconduct
3/29/13 Shooting Death in Milwaukee
4/12/13 Wrongful Convictions in Wisconsin
4/24/13 Freedom of Religion or Child Neglect
6/4/13 ​Can Your DNA Be Taken Even If You Are Unjustly ...
6/6/13 Racial Disparity in Possession of Marijuana Arrests in Wis
6/7/13 Burglary Plus Gun Theft Results in One Death and 10 ...
6/13/13 NGI Defense Progresses in Local Homicide Trial
6/21/13 Church Sex Abuse Scandal New Information
6/21/13 Victim of a Crime or Perpetrator
6/22/13 ​Fraud Sentence Reduced
6/24/13 Domestic Violence Results in Murder Suicide
7/7/13 Double Edged Sword of Reliance on Faith Healing
7/12/13 Wisconsin Woman Arrested After Driving Drunk...
7/19/13 US Senator Ron Johnson Expresses Commitment ...
7/19/13 Waukesha Subway Robbery Suspect Due in Court
7/25/13 Violent Crime Rate in Milwaukee Reaches All Time ...
7/29/13 US Rep.Ryan Talks Immigration Reform in Wisconsin
8/2/13 Will Wisconsin Driver Get Maximum Penalty for 5th OWI?
8/5/13 Mayor Addressing Milwaukee Violent Crime Issue
8/9/13 Wis Police Officer Resigns After Sexual Crime Charges
8/14/13 Milwaukee Immigration Activist Arrested During ...
8/20/13 Milwaukee Woman Arrested for DUI had 8 Children in Car
8/24/13 Wisconsin Residents Stand on Crime & Punishment
8/27/13 Will Wisconsin Lawmakers Approve Tougher OWI Laws?
9/3/13 Wis Man Files Appeal After Denied Concealed Firearms ...
9/6/13 Wisconsin Considers Trying Non-Violent Teens ...
2/5/14 A Lawyer's Dedication to Serving His Clients
2/5/14 Detective Faces Criminal Charges After Lying to the FBI
2/10/14 Immigration Reform in the Works for Congress
2/11/14 Attorney Carlos A. Gamino
2/14/14 Defending Allegations of Abuse
2/15/14 LaCrosse Heroin and Coke Dealer gets 9+ Years
3/2/14 Reckless Driving, Hit & Run, OWI & Driving Offenses...
3/2/14 Arraignments for Suspects Accused of Robbery in Milwaukee
3/3/14 Wisconsin Drunk Driving Offenses for Wrong Way Drivers Yields ...
3/6/14 Expungement - Can't We Just Make This All Go Away???
3/10/14 Charged with Identity Theft: Is Your Life Over?
3/12/14 Atty. Scott McClune Obtains Acquittal in Milwaukee Rape Trial ...
3/19/14 Wisconsin Attorney General Contender's Platform on Crime 
3/25/14 Immigration Officials Detain Multiple People In WI Crackdown
3/28/14 Think Before You Ink - WI Forgery Charge Can Cost You
4/1/14 Busted - I Got Caught with Drugs
4/3/14 Does Talking to a Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer Mean I'm Getting ...
4/8/14 What Is the Deal With Plea Bargaining?
4/11/14 5 Reasons You Should Invoke Your Miranda Rights & Remain ...
4/17/14 My Ex Denied My Visitation with My Kids!
4/19/14 Chances of Immigrating to the US on an Employment Visa?
4/28/14 You Can't Underestimate the Importance of Attention to Detail ...
5/2/14 Is it Theft or Fraud to Retain a Profit Received By Mistake?
5/8/14 Protecting the Kids as a Priority in Wisconsin Divorce
5/12/14 Immigration Relief: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
5/15/14 It is OK to Maintain Relationships After a Divorce
5/19/14 Will a Criminal Record Make Me Ineligible to Join the Military?
5/22/14 What Is the Difference Between Harassment & Stalking in WI?
6/4/14 Someone Filed a CHIPS Petition Against Me - What Now?
6/6/14 I Want to Change the Rules of My Probation
6/9/14 Things To Ask When Searching for a Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer
6/10/14 Questioning Paternity In Divorce Proceedings
6/11/14 What Happens if I Confessed to Something I Didn't Do....
6/12/14 Inadmissible to the US?  Maybe You're Eligible for a Waiver
6/13/14 The Police Want to Search Me, My Home or My Car; Now What?
6/16/14 Charged with Drugs in Milwaukee, WI: Methamphetamine
6/18/14 Does the Immigration Petition Survive the Death of Your Spouse?
6/19/14 Do Criminal Penalties Differ for Immigrants?
6/20/14 What Are Milwaukee County Jail Visitation Rules?
6/23/14 Someone Attacked Me, So Why Was I Charged with a Crime?
6/26/14 Can I Work in the US without a Visa?
6/30/14 Is Statutory Rape a Serious Sex Crime?
7/3/14 What Can You Do if You Are Facing Deportation?
7/7/14 Hiding a Criminal Past Isn't Such an Easy Task These Days
7/9/14 Fundamental Right to Education for All Children
7/14/14 WI Reckless Driving Charges
7/17/14 US Immigration & Children - The Crisis on the Border
7/21/14 Can I Be Charged with Escape for Walking Away from Huber?
7/23/14 Implicating Yourself through Social Media - Part 2
7/25/14 Employee Theft, Embezzlement & Other White Collar Crime
7/29/14 Repeat Offenders & Penalty Enhancers: 3 Strikes, You're Out!
8/8/14 WI DUI Proof and Penalties
8/12/14 Riding the Rollercoaster Emotions of Divorce
8/14/14 Kids at the Border - Immigration Law and Society
8/18/14 Should Juveniles be Tried in Adult Courts?
8/23/14 When Should You Look for a DUI Lawyer in Milwaukee?
8/26/14 Who Can Become a US Citizen?
9/1/14 Protect Your Right to Remain Silent!
9/4/14 What Happens in Removal Proceedings?
9/8/14 How to Avoid Stressing Out During Divorce
9/15/14 Wisconsin's Open Carry and Concealed Carry Gun Laws
9/22/14 Who Can Get Arrested for Prostitution in Milwaukee, WI?
9/29/14 Conquering Addiction During a Jail Stint
10/3/14 Little Known Facts About US Immigration
10/10/14 How to Get through Divorce for the Kids
10/17/14 US Immigration and Waivers of Inadmissibility
10/24/14 Depressed During a Divorce? 
10/30/14 Attaining a Dignified Divorce
11/3/14 Milwaukee Sex Crime involving Solicitation of a Minor
11/10/14 Kidnapping and other Sex Offenses in Milwaukee
11/17/14 Criminal Lawyer Defends Sex Crime Charges in Milwaukee, WI
11/25/14 Milwaukee Bar Fights and Wisconsin Criminal Charges
12/1/14 How to Explain a Family Member's Incarceration
1/23/15 Overcoming Obstacles to US Immigration - Death of a Spouse
1/30/15 Will There Be Alimony or Maintenance Payments in My Divorce?
2/4/15 What Can I Do About My In-Laws?
2/10/15 Immigration Reform in the US
2/17/15 How Do I Deal with My Aggressive Ex?
2/23/15 What Are the Most Common Crimes in Milwaukee?
3/2/15 What Happens if You Fight with a Cop?
3/9/15 Can the Police Really Deport Me if I Get Arrested?
3/16/15 Why Do Some Criminal Cases Have Penalty Enhancers in WI?
3/23/15 How Can You Change Custody or Placement of a Child?
3/30/15 What Should You Do if Your Child Is Charged with a Crime?
4/14/15 Why Would You Want to Terminate an Ex's Parental Rights?
4/20/15 Will I Be Charged with Fraud for Writing a Bad Check?
4/27/15 Can I Qualify for a US Visa as a Special Immigrant? 
5/4/15 Why Am I Charged with Domestic Violence?
5/10/15 What Is a Differing View on US Immigration Reform?
5/18/15 How Much Can I Legally Drink and Drive in WI?
5/25/15  Has the United States Immigration Policy Changed Over Time?
6/2/15 How Much Should You Fight Over Custody of Your Kids?
6/8/15 Do I Have to Register as a Sex Offender if I'm Charged with Rape?
6/14/15 What is the Difference between 1st and 2nd Degree Homicide?
6/23/15 Can I Get Custody of My Stepkids if I Divorce their Parent?
7/5/15 How Much Time Will I Get for a Violent Felony in Wisconsin?
7/13/15 Who qualifies for temporary protected status in the US?
7/20/15 What can I do during an immigration raid?
7/27/15 Who needs a Guardian ad Litem?
8/10/15 Can my fiance come to the United States to get married?
8/10/15 What kind of thing gets someone sent to juvenile detention? 
8/31/15 How can I help someone suffering from mental illness?
8/31/15 What will happen if I'm charged with vehicular homicide?
9/14/15 Donald Trump's campaign platform on immigration policy
9/14/15 Should I get a restraining order?
9/28/15 What can I do if I'm facing removal proceedings in Wisconsin?
9/28/15 How does someone avoid child support?
10/12/15 How does a judge decide how to set child support?
10/12/15 Do the Syrian refugees affect whether there are visas for others?
10/12/15 Is there such a thing as raping your spouse?
11/2/15 Artistic expression or criminal graffiti - what's the difference?
11/9/15 Is it indecent exposure to show my body?
11/16/15 How many tickets make you a habitual traffic offender?
11/23/15 Everything you ever wanted to know about WI speed limits
12/1/15 What should I do if someone falsely accused me of child abuse?
12/7/15 Will it affect visa availability if the U.S. accepts refugees?
12/15/15 Can I qualify for temporary protected status?
12/22/15 What is considered sexual assault in Wisconsin?
1/5/15 What happens if I'm convicted of domestic violence?
1/14/16 What do I do if I'm falsely accused of rape?
1/14/16 Can I change my status through DACA?
1/26/16 What do people do to cope with their divorce?
2/1/16 Will I go to prison if convicted of burglary?
2/1/16 Do I have to acknowledge the paternity?
2/16/16 Does Obama have a solution for mass deportation?
2/16/16 How much do teenagers need to know about your divorce?
3/1/16 Why would a DACA recipient be deported?
3/1/16 How long will a conviction for a sex crime haunt me?
3/15/16 Will my divorce affect my teenager?
3/15/16 Does immigration law consider same sex marriage?
4/1/16 What is the difference between custody and placement? 
4/1/16 How serious are child pornography charges in Wisconsin?
4/15/16 Can my probation be revoked?
4/15/16 What is the difference between false imprisonment and kidnapping?
5/2/16 Do fathers have the same rights to the kids as mothers?
5/2/16 Should I confess to my lawyer if I'm guilty?
5/16/16 Are there alternatives to being deported?
5/16/16 Is the right to remain silent absolute?
6/1/16 Charged With Online Solicitation of a Minor: What Now?
6/1/16 Should You Seek Counseling When You’re Getting a Divorce?
6/15/16 Guardian ad Litem: What You Need to Know
6/15/16 Child Neglect in Wisconsin
7/1/16 How Much Power Does a President Have Over Immigration?
7/1/16 Sexual Assault in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know
7/15/16 Helping Your Kids Adjust to a New House During Divorce
7/15/16  How Should You Respond to Police Who Want to Search You?
8/1/16  Amnesty and Immigration: What You Need to Know
8/1/16 Should You Tell Your Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer Everything?
8/15/16 Steps to Becoming a Naturalized U.S. Citizen
8/15/16 Child Support in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know 
9/7/16 Skipping Bail and Heading to Florida: Pros and Cons
9/7/16 Could a Divorce Party End in Disaster for You?
9/7/16 DUI in Other Countries: How Crazy Cases in the U.S. Stack Up
9/7/16 Does Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Apply to You?
10/3/16 5 Divorce Survival Strategies You Can’t Ignore
10/3/16 What’s the Difference Between Kidnapping and False Imprisonment?
10/3/16 When Do You Need a Waukesha Immigration Lawyer?
10/3/16 What You Need to Know if Your Loved One is in the Milwaukee Jail
11/1/16 Fighting Removal Proceedings: What You Need to Know
11/1/16 Who Can Be Charged With Statutory Rape in Milwaukee?
11/1/16 Are You Staying in Your Marriage for Your Children?
11/1/16 Contempt of Court: What You Need to Know
12/2/16 How Much Does Your Milwaukee Divorce Attorney Need to Know?
12/2/16 Experienced Child Abuse Lawyers in Milwaukee May Be Able to Help You
12/2/16 Labor Certification Immigration: What You Need to Know
12/2/16 Waukesha DUI Charges During the Holidays
1/4/17 Felony Criminal Offenses in Wisconsin… And Their Penalties
1/4/17 How Should You React if Your Spouse Cheats?
1/4/17 Military Members: How to Become a U.S. Citizen
1/4/17 Lewd and Lascivious Behavior: The Technical Term for Indecent Exposure 
2/1/17  Why Should You Call a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?
2/1/17  Divorcing Your Spouse: The Emotional Side
2/1/17  Are You Prepared for the U.S. Citizenship Test?
3/1/17 Can Criminal Charges Affect Immigration Status in the U.S.?
3/1/17 Hired Lawyer vs. Public Defender: What You Need to Know
3/1/17 What Kind of Crime is Being a Passenger in a Stolen Vehicle?
3/1/17 Effective Communication During Divorce
4/1/17 How to Explain Incarceration to Kids
4/1/17 Doctors Immigrating to the U.S.: The Conrad 30 Waiver Program
4/1/17 Did You Get a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day?
4/1/17 Can You Keep a Gun in Your House if You’re a Felon?
5/1/17 Marijuana Possession: Will it Ever Be Decriminalized in Wisconsin?
5/1/17 Do Moms Have an Advantage in Custody Under Wisconsin Law?
5/1/17 Criminal Harassment vs. Stalking: The Basics
5/1/17 H-1B Visas and Other Categories That Allow Working in the U.S.
6/1/17 How Should You Tell Your Kids You’re Getting a Divorce?
6/1/17 Wisconsin’s Driving Under the Influence of Drugs Laws
6/1/17 Can You Destroy Your Own Property Under Wisconsin Law?
6/1/17 Assault and Battery in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know
​6/1/17 Can You Get a Divorce in Wisconsin Without Giving the Court a Reason?
6/1/17 Can the Government Deny You Citizenship After the Process is Started?
6/1/17 3 Defenses Your Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer Might Use
8/1/17 Let’s Talk About Weapons Offenses
8/1/17 How Will Wisconsin Child Support Laws Affect Your Divorce?
8/1/17 What You Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud Defense
8/1/17 Should You Become a U.S. Citizen?

3/26/13 Winning Domestic Violence Trial Strategy
3/29/13 Failure to Pay Child Support
4/12/13 New Milwaukee Crime Info Website
4/12/13 Major Players Involved in Pursuing US Immigration Reform
4/24/13 Sexual Assault Charges Against Milwaukee Police Officer ...
6/4/13 NGI Plea In Homicide Can Lead To Lifetime Commitment
6/6/13 Bail Bondsmen Debate in Wisconsin
6/11/13 Police Instantly Track When Shots Are Fired in Milwaukee
6/13/13 Divorce Rates Are Climbing Among Baby Boomers
6/21/13 Infant Dies After Mom Threw Him to the Ground
6/21/13 Scare of a Lifetime
6/22/13 Incidents in Milwaukee - Were There Arrests or Criminal Charges?
6/25/13 Questionable Decisions by Milwaukee Police Department
​7/12/13 Milwaukee Woman Awaits Trial for 3rd OWI Offense
7/12/13 Legal Action Filed by Strip Search Victims May Prove Costly ...
7/19/13 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Supports Immigration Reform
7/19/13 Milwaukee Assault Victim Claims Suspect Cited Trayvon Martin ...
7/26/13 Will Obama's FBI Nominee Make a Difference in Milwaukee's Crime
8/2/13 What's Up with Gov. Walker's Stance on WI Immigration Reform?
8/2/13 Juvenile Cases Benefit from a Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer
8/7/13 Group Targets Ryan Over Support of Immigration Reform in WI
8/14/13 Milwaukee Police Chief Pushes for Tougher Gun Laws
8/16/13 Eau Claire County Joins Wisconsin Crime Alert Network
​8/22/13 Civil Rights Coalition Denounces Anti-Immigration Sentiments ...
8/16/13 Will Joint Efforts Reduce Crime Rate in Milwaukee?
8/27/13 WI Dept of Transportation Exec Fired for Immigration Remarks
9/5/13 Immigration Reform is in the Air for Wisconsin
1/24/14 Chamber of Congress Pushes for Immigration Reform
2/5/14 Does Wisconsin Law Unfairly Impact Minorities? Part 1
2/5/14 Does Wisconsin Law Unfairly Impact Minorities? Part 2
2/8/14 Attorney Carlos Gamino on Immigration Reform
2/14/14 Tips to Look for the Best Family Law Attorney
2/15/14 Milwaukee on Forbes Magazine's "Most Dangerous Cities" List
2/23/14 Burglary Charges - Increase Odds of Success with Legal Help
3/2/14 Should I Hire a Lawyer? When You Need a Milwaukee Criminal ...
3/2/14 Caught Shoplifting? What Can You Do?
3/5/14 WI Majority Leader Removed After Sexual Harassment Allegations
3/8/14 How to Protect Yourself if Faced with Shoplifting Allegations
3/12/14 Human Trafficking is a Growing Problem in Wisconsin - Part 1
3/14/14 Wisconsin Sex Trade & Sexual Crimes in Milwaukee - Part 2
3/16/14 WI DUI Charges: Difference Between OWI & DUI in Milwaukee
3/19/14 Felony Jury Trial by Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer Matt Last
3/20/14 Hiring an Immigration Lawyer
3/24/14 How Serious is Disorderly Conduct in Wisconsin?
3/27/14 Fleeing From an Officer - Can You Be Charged?
3/31/14 Atty Carlos Gamino about Wis. Rep. Paul Ryan on Immigration ...
4/4/14 I Don't Need a Lawyer if I'm Innocent, Right?
4/7/14 A Judge Ordered Me Removed From the US - Can You Help?
4/10/14 5 Things You Should Know About Alimony
4/14/14 US Immigration Helps Victims of Domestic Violence
4/15/14 How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wisconsin?
4/18/14 My Husband or Wife Got Arrested, What Should I Do?
4/22/14 How Could I Have Been Arrested if I Didn't Commit a Crime?
4/24/14 Can I Change My Custody & Placement Orders if My Ex ...
4/29/14 Racial Profiling In Wisconsin Courts
5/1/14 Supportive Dual Parenting for the Good of the Kids
5/5/14 Escape Danger or Persecution by Immigrating to the United States
5/6/14 Can I Get a Breaking & Entering Conviction Expunged?
5/9/14 What Can I Do if Police Question My Child without Me Present?
5/13/14 What Makes a Good NGI Defense?
5/14/14 Can I Be Charged with DUI for Boating While Intoxicated in WI?
5/16/14 What Should I Wear to Court?
5/20/14 Can a Lawyer Help Me Get a Non-Immigrant US Visa?
5/21/14 My Ex Has a Mental Illness and I Want a Divorce
6/2/14 Who Commits a Crime and Brags about it on Social Media?
6/3/14 Things to Know about the Milwaukee Family Court System
6/5/14 Everyone's Right to an Education Regardless of Immigration Status
6/24/14 Dangers of Fleeing an Officer
6/27/14 Charged with Prescription Drug Offenses in Milwaukee?
7/1/14 Advice to Help Young Children Get through Divorce
7/4/14 Negligent Driving vs Reckless Driving
7/8/14 I'm Getting a Divorce: Should I Start Dating Again?
7/11/14 Unusual Circumstances Result in Serious Drug Charges
7/15/14 Discussing Divorce with the Children
7/18/14 Things to Know about Women & Prison in Wisconsin
7/22/14 Dividing the Property in Divorce
7/24/14 Attorney Carlos A. Gamino on US Naturalization
7/28/14 Is it Better to Face a Hit & Run Charge or DUI?
7/30/14 Why is My Child Getting in Trouble?
8/11/14 The Risks Involved with Sexting
8/13/14 Murphy's Law And the Humor in Criminal Law
8/15/14 Best Defenses Used by Lawyers to Fight a DUI in Milwaukee
8/19/14 Providing Financial Support to the Ex
8/25/14 Worried about Being Added to the WI Sex Offender Registry?
8/29/14 Which Lawyer Is Best for My Case?
9/2/14 How Serious Is Issuing a Worthless Check?
9/5/14 Do You Know Your Immigration Status?
9/12/14 Approaching Retirement and Thinking About Divorce Retirement
9/19/14 Trying to Find Info on United States Visitor Visas?
9/26/14 Parenting Resources in Milwaukee
9/30/14 Immigration Reform could Unify Families in the US
10/6/14 What Happens if I'm Convicted of DUI in Wisconsin?
10/13/14 Schedule II Drug Charges in Milwaukee
10/20/14 WI Child Sex Crimes & Statutory Rape Charges
10/27/14 What Happens if You Go to Jail while Pregnant?
10/31/14 Kids Committing Criminal Driving Offenses in Milwaukee, WI
11/7/14 Overcoming Challenges to Legal US Immigration
11/14/14 I'm Getting Divorced - When Should I Start Dating
​11/25/14 Be Properly Prepared for Your Immigration Interview
11/26/14 Emotional Toil of Divorce - Prevention & Coping Skills
1/20/15 Talking to Kids about Jail
1/26/15 What Are My Rights when I'm in Jail?
2/4/15  Are WI Theft Charges Considered Serious Offenses?
2/4/15 How Long Does the US Immigration Process Take?
2/11/15 Milwaukee Vehicular Homicide Charges
2/17/15 What Happens if You Run from Police in Milwaukee?
2/23/15 The President's Executive Order Brings Hope to Illegal Immigrants
3/2/15 Who Decides What is In the Best Interest of the Kids in a Divorce?
3/9/15 Can My Family Really Have Me Committed?
3/16/15 What Do I Need to Do Once My Divorce is Final?
3/23/15 How Can My Family Help Me Immigrate to the United States?
4/14/15 Who Gets Arrested for Soliciting a Prostitute in Milwaukee?
4/20/15 Does My Company Need a PERM Labor Certification?
4/27/15 How Does Divorce Affect Young Children?
4/27/15 How Serious Is a Milwaukee, WI Drug Trafficking Charge?
5/4/15 Why Would Someone Get Sole Custody of the Kids?
5/10/15 Someone Accused Me of Rape, What Happens Now?
5/18/15 What Would a Lawyer Recommend to Get through My Divorce?
6/2/15 The Police Violated My Civil Rights - What Can I Do?
6/8/15 Can I Go to the United States for Medical Treatment
6/14/15 Is it Statutory Rape if I Have Sex with We Are Both Teenagers?
6/23/14 What Does it Take to Become an American under Current US Policy?
6/28/15 What Might Result in Child Pornography Charge in Wisconsin?
7/5/15 Should I Fight for Custody or Placement of My Kids?
7/13/15 How serious is a DUI causing injury charge in WI?
7/20/15 Can I be charged with rape if I'm falsely accused?
8/10/15 What is considered indecent exposure?
8/10/15 Is it difficult to end a domestic partnership?
8/31/15 Are Wisconsin shoplifting charges serious?
8/31/15 What are the latest immigration reform efforts?
8/31/15 What should I tell my lawyer?
9/14/15 Which felonies are the most serious?
9/14/15 Are there different severities of vehicular homicide in Wisconsin?
9/28/15 What happens if I violated an order to register as a sex offender?
9/28/15 How serious is a DUI injury or death case in Wisconsin?
10/12/15 Is possession of pornography a crime?
10/12/15 Is child enticement considered a sex crime against children?
10/12/15 What are the penalties for rape or other domestic violence offenses?
11/6/15 How can you lose your parental rights?
11/11/15 Building walls or breaking down barriers - what is the best diplomacy?
11/18/15 Does Walker's immigration stance hurt WI dairy farmers?
11/25/15 What should I do if I'm accused of child neglect in Milwaukee, WI?
12/3/15 Who has to pay spousal support in Wisconsin?
12/9/15 Some crimes are more serious than others
12/23/15 How do I get custody and placement of my kids?
12/28/15 What is the difference between fraud and theft?
1/14/16 Should I try to get along with my ex?
1/14/16 Is it a crime to fail to register as a sex offender?
1/26/16 Will U.S. immigration laws help if I'm a victim of a crime?
1/26/16 What defenses are there to child porn charges in Wisconsin?
2/1/16 Am I eligible for a temporary work visa to the U.S.?
2/1/16 How much time will I go to jail for Wisconsin drug charges?
2/16/16 What difference can a lawyer make in a murder case?
2/16/16 What can I do to help my kids when I'm incarcerated?
3/1/16 Do most people feel depressed during their divorce?
3/1/16 How common is it to be physically aggressive during divorce?
3/15/16 Do people go to jail for stealing?
3/15/16 We had sexaul relations - can I be charged with assault?
4/1/16 Does Wisconsin have a castle doctrine?
4/1/16 Should I try to get legal custody or physical placement of my kids?
4/15/16 Will I be able to become a U.S. citizen?
4/15/16 Who is eligible for an annulment in Wisconsin?
5/2/16 Will the immigrants have to leave if Trump is elected?
5/2/16 Are there rules for police interrogations?
5/16/16 How will our property be split up if we get a divorce?
5/16/16 I changed my mind - I didn't mean to confess!
6/15/16 Have You Been Charged With Receiving Stolen Property in Wisconsin?
6/15/16 Nicaragua and Honduras Granted Extension on Temporary Protected Status
7/1/16 Can You Use Social Media if You’re Going Through a Divorce?
7/1/16 Will You Go to Prison for Domestic Violence in Wisconsin?
7/15/16  Will the Supreme Court Rule on Immigration?
7/15/16  Should You Answer Questions About Your Criminal Record During Job Interviews?
8/1/16 How Can You Help Your Teen Cope With Divorce?
8/1/16 Misdemeanor Theft Charges in Milwaukee
8/15/16 What Makes a Theft a Felony in Wisconsin?
8/15/16 Charged With a Violent Crime in Milwaukee: Potential Consequences 
9/7/16 How to Help Your Kids Cope With Your Divorce
9/7/16 Why Everyone Should Ignore Trump’s Immigration “Stance”
9/7/16 Milwaukee Robbery Charges: Sound Familiar?
9/7/16 Will Your Sexual Assault Lawyer Still Defend You if You Admit Guilt?
10/3/16 What Happens at Your First Meeting With a Waukesha Divorce Attorney?
10/3/16 What Happens if You’re “Drugged Driving” in Milwaukee?
10/3/16 Why Don’t Local Cops Enforce Immigration Laws?
10/3/16 Charged With a Sex Crime After a Prostitution Sting?
11/1/16 Penalties for Petty Theft in Wisconsin
11/1/16 Does a Green Card Make You a Permanent Resident of the U.S.?
11/1/16 5 Things to Do if You’re Arrested in Waukesha
11/1/16 Need a Separation Agreement in Waukesha?
12/2/16 Should You Interview Divorce Lawyers Before You Hire Them?
12/2/16 A Good Immigration Lawyer Puts Your Needs First… Always
12/2/16 Battery and Assault Charges in Milwaukee: What You Need to Know
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