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Wrongful Convictions in Wisconsin

by Gamino Law Offices on 04/12/13

A recent report from the National Registry of Exonerations lists Wisconsin as ranking 4th (by percentage of population) in the list of states that have exonerated people who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime.  To Milwaukee criminal lawyers like Attorney Carlos Gamino, this begs the questions: is Wisconsin wrongfully convicting a greater percentage of innocent people, or are Wisconsin lawyers and agencies such as the Wisconsin Innocence Project better at finding ways to exonerate those who have been wrongly convicted of a crime in Wisconsin?  

We hope it is the later.  However, as experienced criminal defense attorneys in Milwaukee, WI we can't help but worry that perhaps Wisconsin's criminal procedure and the attitudes of judges and prosecutors towards those involved in the criminal justice system having been accused of a crime are too slanted towards resolving cases quickly and getting convictions so they can profess to be "tough on crime."  No judge wants to worry that they have just freed someone that they believe may be dangerous to the community or may have committed a crime in Wisconsin - there is too much political backlash.  But, our guiding principles are supposed to protect the innocent!  In the criminal courts in Milwaukee and elsewhere in the state, you can't help but notice as a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney that the judges and prosecutor come down harshly on people who do not admit guilt when they are accused of a crime, if they are later convicted, whether on the sentencing recommendations by the DA or the sentenced pronounced by the judge who penalizes client's for "failing to take responsibility."  How many innocent people must be wrongly convicted and penalized for crimes they didn't commit before the players in the criminal justice system will take responsibility for the criminal procedures and attitudes that allow this ever to occur, whether the cause is an overzealous prosecutor, biased judge or shoddy defense lawyer?  

We truly hope that this statistic shows that criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin are better at finding and fixing mistakes that allow the innocent to be convicted of a crime in Wisconsin than that more people in Wisconsin are being improperly convicted of crimes than elsewhere in the country.  As Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers we profess that it is absolutely intolerable for even 1 innocent person to be wrongfully convicted of a crime; and will always advocate with the firm determination that it is better for 100 guilty persons to go free than for 1 innocent person to be convicted for something they didn't do.

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