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Wisconsin Majority Leader Removed from Office Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/05/14

This week, our Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers at Gamiño Law Offices were shocked to learn that the Wisconsin Department of Justice delayed investigating two counts of child pornography, allowing the perpetrators to continue their illegal activities for several years. Now, we’re even more astonished to discover that the state’s Assembly Majority Leader, Bill Kramer, was removed from his post following sexual harassment allegations.

Sexual crimes continue to occur across Wisconsin, both as criminal violations and sometimes as civil offenses, as evident from Kramer’s removal. The state’s Republican lawmakers voted unanimously to have him removed on Tuesday after two women accused Kramer of sexual harassment last week.

One of the alleged victims claims Kramer harassed her last week during a fundraiser thrown by a lobbying and public relations firm in Washington. The other alleged victim accused Kramer of harassing her on the flight from Washington back to Wisconsin.

Kramer's office has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, but released a statement saying he had entered a treatment facility. Attorney Carlos Gamino tells us that, for many, this can be taken as an indirect admission of guilt.  

Kramer, who previously worked as a lawyer and certified public accountant since 2006, is going to be in need of solid legal representation. If the accusations prove to be true, he may be looking at facing severe legal repercussions – not to mention losing any chance of serving in a public office again. Though we don’t know the extent of the sexual harassment accusations against Kramer, most sex crimes in Wisconsin are punishable with expensive fines, several years in prison, as well as mandatory registration on the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.  


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