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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Supports Immigration Reform

by Gamino Law Offices on 07/19/13

Earlier this month, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) expressed his support of immigration reform, explaining he is in favor of a legislation that will provide a pathway for undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status as well as a streamlined legal immigration system.

Walker is concerned about the future of Wisconsin dairy farms, which rely heavily on immigrant workers. He believes that foreigners who come to the state in search of work and willing to put forth maximum effort to create a better life for themselves should be allowed to do so.

“If people want to come here and work hard and benefit, I don’t care whether they come from Mexico or Ireland or Germany or Canada or South Africa or anywhere else. I want them here,” said Walker to the Daily Herald Media.

As a Republican, Walker’s unique stance on immigration reform has put him in a tough spot with fellow party members, who oppose any path for foreigners to obtain citizenship.

Walker was actually on the other side of the immigration reform debate back in 2010 when he ran for office, going as far as to say he was going to sign an Arizona-style anti illegal immigration bill into effect. However, he decided against it last year, claiming such a measure would be a “huge distraction” for the state.

Unfortunately, any foreigner who does not have legal status is subject to deportation, which leaves many immigrants in Wisconsin fearful of even coming forward to apply for a green card or visa. But while the idea of deportation is a scary one, it’s important for all immigrants to know that help is available to them right now. Immigrants who need help with legal status application, employment or even a criminal charge can turn to an immigration attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to protect their rights.

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