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Will President Obama’s FBI Nominee Make a Difference in Milwaukee’s Crime Rate?

by Gamino Law Offices on 07/26/13

As our Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorneys have previously reported, Milwaukee violent crime rates are at an all-time high since 2008, but maybe there’s something that can be done about that. Jim Comey, President Barack Obama's nominee to head the FBI, has a special interest in Milwaukee and is making a pledge to do everything in his power to lower crime and increase safety for residents.

While he was serving in the Justice Department under Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2004, Comey came to Milwaukee to present a federal award to John Chrisholm, Milwaukee County’s district attorney, but who was at that point the assistant district attorney, specializing in the prosecution of illegal gun activity. 

During his visit and other trips, Comey started reviewing Milwaukee’s crime rate, working with federal authorities and local police to learn about local gun issues and devising ways to decrease gun violence and crime in the city. Believing that stricter laws would help lower crime rates, Comey tried to do everything in his power to push for tighter regulations, even if it meant imposing a federal mandatory minimum penalty.

Attorney Carlos Gamino notes that, having worked as a federal prosecutor, Comey had initiated similar efforts in Virginia that worked well to lower gun crime rates. He then devised a plan that would involve federal agents and local law enforcement officers working together to identify repeat gun crime offenders who continued to hold and use firearms, whose cases would now be referred to federal court. This meant greater penalties for the offenders, often exceeding 10 years of imprisonment, which would help get violent assailants off the streets. Comey also worked on efforts to weed out and reduce public corruption.

But aside from working to lower crime rates, Comey also visited Milwaukee to enjoy its many attractions, including the great views of Lake Michigan and local diners.

Given that he is already fully aware of what issues need to be tackled, Comey’s nomination to director of the FBI will hopefully make a big difference in lowering violent crime rates in Milwaukee and Wisconsin as a whole. 

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