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Will Joint Efforts Reduce Crime Rate in Milwaukee?

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/26/13

Despite an overall reduction in crime rates, a spike in Milwaukee gun crime has led some law enforcement officers and activists in the city to take matters into their own hands. Chief Edward Flynn and the Milwaukee Police Department are pushing for a team effort to reduce crime rates in the city. Local law enforcement officers and the Milwaukee Common Council are now working together to obtain the necessary resources to hire more officers and improve technology for reducing crime rates. 

The organizations are trying to get the community more involved in order to strengthen the relationship between residents, organizations and the Police Department, but the department says the state needs to step in to help. The agencies are trying to get the state to pass common-sense gun laws so the community can be better protected from individuals who carry guns illegally and from crime in general.

But although law enforcement agencies and the state can impose crime laws that will help reduce these crime rates, it’s still not enough. Both Attorney Carlos Gamino and the Council believe that the community as a whole needs to get involved in order to come together and stand strong against violent gun crimes.

Gun crimes are some of the most severe in the city and state as a whole, with violators looking at several years in prison if convicted of a gun offense. It’s important for anyone in the city who has been charged with a crime to turn to a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney for assistance in filing a case and protecting their rights.

While gun crimes may be on the rise in Milwaukee, there are times when the penalties and individual is facing far exceed the degree of the crime itself. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee defending a case can increase the chances that the best outcome will ensue.


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