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What’s Up with Gov. Walker’s Stance on Wisconsin Immigration Laws?

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/02/13

Hundreds  of immigrants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have been awaiting their fate in the wake of Gov. Scott Walker’s on-again-off-again decision to impose an Arizona-style immigration law for Wisconsin. But at this rate, Attorney Carlos A. Gamino comments that we’re more likely to see faster progress with national immigration reform laws than with the tentative Wisconsin legislation.

It’s hard to get a grip on what exactly Walker believes should be the goal of immigration reform in Wisconsin. Is he pro immigration or for it? We get the feeling he doesn’t quite know himself.

While running for governor back in 2010, Walker said he had some concerns with enacting a bill similar to Arizona's SB-1070 law, which requires police to question residents regarding their immigration status if they suspect the person is an illegal immigrant. But just days after expressing concern over imposing similar legislation in Wisconsin, Walker changed his mind and made a pledge to sign an anti-illegal immigration bill if he were elected.

But then in December 2012, once he was elected governor, Walker changed his mind again, now claiming he would fight against an Arizona-style immigration bill for Wisconsin. 

That appears to have been the final verdict on his stance on immigration reform, as earlier in July, Walker declaring he supports immigration reform and favors legislation that will provide a path to citizenship for undocumented foreigners.

Walker has yet to endorse such a policy, but there’s still time for him to swing in either direction of the immigration reform debate.

As for Wisconsin immigrants who worry about whether or not they will be deported sooner than later, there are other options available to consider. Foreigners can always turn to a Milwaukee, Wisconsin immigration lawyer for assistance with applying for legal status and for any other immigration-related matter. 

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