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Violent Crime Rate in Milwaukee Reaches All-Time High Since 2008

by Gamino Law Offices on 07/25/13

According to statistics released by the Milwaukee Police Department, the violent crime rate in Milwaukee has reached the highest point it’s been since 2008.

Violent crime in Milwaukee rose 5%  in the first six months of the year, when compared to last year’s statistics. The report shows that that the increase is largely due to a 20% jump in city-wide robberies.  Not only are robberies higher this year over the same time period in 2012, but they are also up roughly 10% from the six-year average.

Following a string of armed robberies earlier this year in the city’s north side, the department launched an initiative on April 30 to help lower crime rates. According to officers, Smartphones were the target in 30% of the robberies, so they offered residents a public education course on how to install special passwords and tracking apps on Smartphones so that not only would the victim’s cell phone be recovered easier and without usage, but so that the tracking device could help locate the offenders.

Milwaukee police also focused on investigating local stores, many of which have been caught reselling the stolen phones.

However, Carlos A. Gamino found that the increase in violent crime was counterbalanced by an 8% decrease in overall crime, reported to be mostly because of a big fall in Milwaukee property crimes. This is great news, considering the fact that more people are likely to become the victims of property crimes than of violent crimes in the city.

Yet, with the spike in violent crime, there may be a chance that an innocent person is arrested – which happens more often than anyone can imagine. For this reason, it is wise for those accused of a criminal offense in the city to consult with an experienced Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney to contest the case in court and protect their rights. 

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