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U.S. Representative Paul Ryan Talks Immigration Reform in Wisconsin

by Gamino Law Offices on 07/29/13

Immigration reform has been a hot topic of debate in Wisconsin for several years now, but the issue is about to get even hotter as one U.S. Representative works with Congress on a new proposal that will help undocumented immigrants get on a faster path toward citizenship and reduce overall illegal immigration.

At a Wisconsin immigration reform meeting in Racine on Friday, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan discussed how he is a firm supporter of immigration reform and believes immigrants are vital to the growth and success of the country.

Ryan, who was the 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate, has been trying to obtain a consensus on immigration reform within Congress. The House and Senate are usually divided on how to approach this issue, but he is confident that a solid plan of action can be attained.

The Senate has already passed an immigration reform bill that would place undocumented immigrants on a 13-year path to citizenship, and according to Ryan, the House is working on its own bills, including one that would provide a 15-year path to citizenship with a “probationary visa” along the way. 

Lawyers like Carlos Gamino note that fifteen years is a pretty long time to wait for citizenship, which several attendees brought up during the meeting. Ryan acknowledged their concerns and explained that under the bill, immigrants who came to the country legally and who have been patiently waiting for citizenship will be first in line, then those who arrived illegally will have their turn at citizenship.

This makes sense, but as with any immigration reform bill, it’s likely to be met with opposition before it’s able to come to a vote.

In the meantime, immigrants who are living in Wisconsin without legal status can work with a Wisconsin immigration lawyer to apply for a visa or green card. The immigration attorneys at the Gamiño Law Offices, LLC work diligent to help immigrants obtain legal status and will assist you and your loved ones throughout the entire process so the best possible outcome can be attained.

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