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Noteworthy Incidents in Milwaukee - Were there Arrests or Criminal Charges?

by Gamino Law Offices on 06/22/13

Several events occurred this week are of interest to those following criminal charges filed in Milwaukee, or arrests.  

1) the man accused of killing his wife while she was on duty as a police officer has had his NGI plea rejected by the doctors he had hoped would support that claim to avoid responsibility for the pending homicide charge in Milwaukee.  The judge also ruled in that case denying the motion to suppress statements given to police during the investigation of that homicide.  This means that the accused's statements to police will be admissible by the prosecution.  

2)  An incident of domestic violence reported by a 911 call to police in the Milwaukee suburb of Shorewood, WI resulted in a 4 hour police stand-off before ending with 2 people being arrested peacefully.  

3) A man who has been arrested for disorderly conduct, bail jumping, and carrying a concealed weapon was caught after drag racing and reckless driving, crashing into other cars, with 2 small children in the car. 

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