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Milwaukee Woman Awaits Trial for 3rd OWI Offense

by Gamino Law Offices on 07/12/13

 A Milwaukee woman is due in court next week following a drunk driving arrest. The woman, 38, was charged with her third OWI offense after committing a traffic violation last month and failing field sobriety tests. 

She was pulled over on June 7 after allegedly making an illegal right turn during a red traffic sign. When officers approached her vehicle, they claim she smelled of alcohol and that her speech was slurred, so they issued several on-site sobriety tests, which she reportedly failed. The woman was then transported to an area hospital for testing to determine her blood alcohol content (BAC), the results of which have not been released.

The penalties of a Milwaukee Operating While Intoxicated offense are extremely severe and can affect a driver’s life indefinitely. Even motorists arrested on their first OWI charge can face serious penalties, including expensive fines and driver’s license suspension. For those accused of repeated drunk driving offenses, Attorney Carlos Gamino informs that the penalties are much worse and can even lead to the revocation of certain civil rights.

The suspected drunk driver is due in court July 15 and if convicted, may face a $2,000 fine and up to one year in county jail.

Because an OWI conviction can completely ruin someone’s personal and professional life, it is imperative that anyone accused of intoxicated driving retain legal counsel to protect their rights. Criminal attorneys can reduce penalties or even possibly completely clear a driver of their crimes if they were falsely charged with OWI to begin with.

It is not uncommon for drivers to be wrongly accused of OWI, but once convicted, the charge will always come back to haunt them. Our Milwaukee criminal defense attorneys here at the Gamiño Law Offices, LLC have seen innocent people get accused of alcohol and drug-related crimes all too often without sufficient proof of intoxication and will work diligently to protect your rights.

If you were arrested for OWI, contact Milwaukee DUI attorney Tedia K. Gamiño today and schedule a free consultation to discuss the best approach to fighting your drunk driving charge.   

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