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Milwaukee Woman Arrested for DUI had 8 Children in the Car

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/20/13

A 50-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence with eight children in her vehicle. The arrest occurred on Saturday, Aug. 17, after Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies were alerted to a potential battery case. The suspect was reportedly involved in an altercation after a family reunion at Milwaukee’s Kern Park and then drove her husband (the complainant) and his eight grandchildren while under the influence of alcohol.

The woman was pulled over near where her family reunion was at the park. According to witnesses, McCoy hit her husband in the forehead, which resulted in a cut. Then four of her other family members also attacked the victim, knocking him to the ground while kicking and punching him.   

When police arrived at the scene, they allegedly smelled alcohol on her breath during questioning and arrested her for DUI with minor passengers as well as for battery.

But was there adequate reason for this woman to get arrested for driving under the influence? Her blood alcohol content (BAC) was .08 — which is the exact legal limit for driving in Milwaukee. She is now facing up to six months in prison for the charge in addition to nine months for the battery charge, but it seems a bit extreme.

With her BAC being at exactly .08 percent, Attorney Carlos Gamino notes that there’s definitely a chance that the breathalyzer test used to determine her alcohol concentration was off. There are many times when a faulty breath test is used and because of the inaccurate reading, an innocent person is arrested for DUI. For this reason, it’s important that anyone who has been arrested for driving drunk contact a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney to contest their charges and ensure their rights are not violated.



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