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Milwaukee Police Misconduct

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/29/13

Lawmakers appear upset by the special prosecutor's decision not to file charges against the Milwaukee police officers who failed to aid the person they had arrested and were transporting jail in July, 2013 despite his complaints that he couldn't breathe and his ultimate death in police custody.  This isn't the only recent claim of inhumane treatment by Milwaukee police or the Milwaukee County Jail.  The public is becoming more aware of the continuing complaints against Milwaukee law enforcement - from rape committed by officers called for help, to police beating suspects, and inedible foods like nutraloaf being served in the jails - and as a community we are disappointed.  As someone who works in the criminal justice system, Attorney Carlos Gamino hears about this kind of treatment frequently and it is a reason to go to work each day - to listen to what is happening to people, and to speak up and give a voice to people who get pushed around by the people we call for help.  If you are faced with a criminal charge in Milwaukee you face a tough time when prosecutors, jurors and judges take what the police say at face value.  While many officers are doing a very hard and honorable job, the disregard and abuse of rights that many of our clients face when confronted by police just can't be ignored any more.   

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