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Milwaukee Police Chief Pushes for Tougher Gun Laws

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/14/13

Milwaukee’s violent crime rate has reached new heights, and it’s no secret that several activists and legislators are pushing for tougher gun laws. But one particular police officer is taking a personal stand against guns and is advocating for tougher firearms laws in the city.

According to Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, the crime rate in the city has spiked because there are several armed criminals in the community with access to guns. Appearing on “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” Flynn called for tougher gun laws in Milwaukee, specifically targeting individuals who have a criminal past, so it will be harder for these individuals to obtain weapons.

Flynn explained the Milwaukee police department is concentrating on the offenders responsible 50 percent of the crimes and monitoring areas where criminal activity is common.  However, Attorney Carlos A. Gamino notes that reducing violent crime rates requires a lot more help than what the department alone can offer. With this in mind, Flynn hopes the city will get some much needed help from state legislators in order to make a true difference.

Flynn says there’s a “loophole” in Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law that should be amended – specifically the fact that repeat offenders who have committed three or more misdemeanors in five years can still obtain a concealed weapon’s permanent and he believes they should not be allowed to do so.  The chief also favors a mandatory three-year minimum sentence for carrying a gun illegally.

Flynn has the right idea, but when it comes to imposing tougher gun laws, sometimes innocent people are affected as well. Everyone has the constitutional right to bear arms, and many times, when gun laws are tightened, everyone suffers.

It’s important for anyone who has been accused of a gun crime to speak with a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney to ensure their rights are protected. 

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