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Milwaukee on Forbes Magazine’s “Most Dangerous Cities” List

by Gamino Law Offices on 02/15/14

Forbes Magazine listed Milwaukee, WI on its annual list of “Most Dangerous Cities” last year. To arrive at the conclusion, Forbes took a look at cities with populations above 200,000 and compared their rate of violent crime.  Milwaukee rounded out the list at number 10, joining other cities like Detroit and Baltimore.

But something must be done about the rate of violent activity. According to Alderman Bob Donovan, Milwaukee’s violence problem has long been covered up. 

“We see burglaries, street robberies. This is largely localized to a number of neighborhoods that are dragging the rest of the city back,” said Alderman Donovan. “I don`t see any type of plan or vision or strategy to address these issues.”

FBI statistics for 2012 revealed that there are nearly 1,300 incidents involving violent crimes per 100,000 people. But that’s not the worst of it. Violence in Milwaukee is at an all-time high since 2006, with 91 crime-related fatalities and 508 gunshot victims being accounted for in 2012.

Mayor Barrett has pushed for increased police patrols and overtime for officers, but it doesn’t appear as though anything is being done to fix the problem and make the streets safer for residents.  

However, Forbes’ report may also be a bit misleading. Violence isn’t rampant across the entire city. That being said, Carlos Gamino notes there are also times when innocent individuals have been wrongfully accused of participating or orchestrating a crime.

It’s important for residents to know they have a right to turn to a Milwaukee criminal lawyer at any point when they have been accused, indicted or arrested for an alleged offense. A skilled attorney, like the representatives at our firm, can be the difference between getting convicted and being exonerated. 

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