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Does Wisconsin Law Unfairly Impact Minorities? Part 1

by Gamino Law Offices on 02/05/14

Immigration reform is in the air in Wisconsin, but are other minorities also feeling left out? There has been some talk regarding the way state criminal laws impact black men and even one lawmaker has stepped forward, saying she wants the racial impact of new policies to be considered before a bill becomes law. Yet, many are still against fair treatment for people of all ethnicities. What’s going on in Wisconsin?  

According to a recent UW-Milwaukee study, Wisconsin, whose population of blacks is only 6.5%, has the highest percentage of incarcerated black men in the nation. As it stands, one in eight black men who are of working age are either in jail or state prison – nearly twice the national average.

So Attorney Carlos Gamino asks, what accounts for these disparaging statistics and what are state lawmakers doing about it?

“(The statistic) has repercussions for our families, for society, for jobs — for so many different things,” said Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Shorewood), who is proposing a new bill that will (hopefully) lead to fair treatment between races when it comes to criminal accusations.

“There needs to be racial impact study on bills related to criminal justice and penalties,” added Rep. Pasch.

While it is unclear if  Rep. Pasch believes all new laws should go through this review, she thinks  that considering the effects of certain laws on certain races will have a huge and positive impact on the entire state and will improve the way minorities are being treated.

Though the legislator has good intentions, not everyone is onboard with the proposal. Find out what others have to say about this idea in our next blog.

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