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LaCrosse Heroin and Coke dealer gets nine plus years.

by Gamino Law Offices on 02/15/14

            In Madison, a well known drug dealer in the area is facing charges after being convicted for selling Heroin and Cocaine in the Lacrosse area.

             The 33 year old male had already prior drug convictions in other states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Tennessee, but when authorities arranged a setup known as a controlled buy this past April, 36 grams of Heroin, 16 grams of cocaine, and 28 grams of crack cocaine were retrieved from his residence.

             Although these amounts are not considered recordable large amounts, the suspects past convictions increased his sentencing and labeled him as a “career offender.” He will now be facing a 15 1/2-191/2  prison sentence.

            Drug charges can range from minor to severe penalties , any charges such as the ones the suspect mentioned above is facing, early involvement by a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney is the best route to go in order to best examine your defense options. Never underestimate having an attorney with years of experience as the best approach to a drug convictions case.

 The 110-month sentence was believed to have been a sufficient amount for the  suspect's history of drug trafficking taking place.  Although his attorney pleaded for a five year sentence, his convictions were based upon the  notion that the suspect had a track record of drug trafficking dating back to 1999.  If you find your self faced with a serious drug charge, contact an experienced lawyer like Attorney Carlos Gamino in Milwaukee.  


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