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Kids Who Cross the Border Alone

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/14/14

Kids Who Cross the Border Alone - Milwaukee Immigration Lawyer - Attorney Carlos Gamino

Current events on the U.S.-Mexico border have drawn a lot of attention to our immigration laws, and people are disagreeing left and right. As Milwaukee immigration attorneys, we keep an eye on situations like these and pay close attention when laws are brought to light. So what happens to kids who cross the border alone, without parents or other family members?

Kids Who Cross the Border Alone

Current law specifies that children who come into the U.S. from countries we don’t share a border with are sent to the Department of Health and Human Services within 72 hours. The kids are then placed with their parents, if they’re here, or with other relatives who are already living here. In the meantime, they wait for an immigration court to decide what happens – and that can take years. This only applies to kids from countries that don’t share a border with us, though.

What about Mexican or Canadian Children?

An unaccompanied Mexican or Canadian child who crosses the U.S. border without filing the appropriate immigration paperwork is another story.

Many are sent right back.

They often end up in the care of local, just-across-the-border shelters and orphanages, where their new lives aren’t much better than those they left behind.

Unaccompanied Minors Entering the U.S.

It’s always better—and safer—to talk with an immigration lawyer about your rights before you attempt to relocate to the U.S., no matter where you’re from. There are attorneys who spend countless hours researching the laws, filing the appropriate paperwork and helping people prepare for interviews that are required for immigration.

At Gamiño Law Offices, we have a team of committed, caring Milwaukee immigration lawyers who can help you, and your family, come here without sacrificing your health, your well-being or your lives. If you need help, call us or contact us online. 

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