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Immigration Reform is in the Air for Wisconsin

by Gamino Law Offices on 09/05/13

There have been mixed reviews when it comes to immigration reform in Wisconsin, but it seems as though Kenosha is calling for action right now. Last Saturday, dozens of Kenosha residents called on Congressman Paul Ryan to do what he set out to do and follow through on his support for comprehensive immigration reform by voting in favor of immigrants.

According to volunteers with the group Organizing for Action, immigration reform in Wisconsin is essential for the community. Those in favor of supporting a path for undocumented immigrants to attain legal status say immigrants help to create jobs, encourage economic growth, strengthen the middle class, and “reaffirm the American dream” for all Wisconsin residents. 

OFA volunteers are now coming together and taking the summer to organize support for immigration reform across the country.

This just might be the year when immigrants are able to attain legal status with greater ease. For the past few years, several states have adopted anti-immigration policies, forcing police officers to question individuals whom they pull over to provide proof of legal status if they appear to be illegal aliens.

These legislations have been thought to breed racism and have been criticized by proponents of immigration reform in Wisconsin and nationwide. At least immigrants can take some sort of solace in knowing they can always turn to an immigration attorney for assistance in filing for a green card or visa and for protecting their rights in general.

Having a Wisconsin immigration lawyer is essential to ensuring a favorable resolution for any case, whether the matter involves legal status, family reunification, employment, or a criminal charge.  Attorney Carlos Gamino stands ready to help with any legal needs.  

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