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I Confessed to Something I Didn't Do

by Gamino Law Offices on 06/11/14

False Confessions to Milwaukee Police - Attorney Carlos A Gamino
Police interrogators are known for their harsh tactics, and sometimes they’re so tough that they’re able to elicit false confessions. While The Innocence Project is working hard to help people get out of prison after convictions based on false convictions, lawyers here to help you avoid prison altogether if you’ve said something that was misconstrued as an admission of guilt.

What is a False Confession?

A false confession during a police interrogation is something that slips out, either because you’re under duress (extreme pressure from authority figures), you’ve been coerced or you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some people who make false confessions are:


  •          Afraid that police or interrogators will become violent
  •          Suffering from the actual infliction of harm
  •          Under threat of harsh sentencing unless they admit to a crime
  •          Confused about the situation or unable to understand the language
  •          Unsure of what the law actually says


Sometimes people with mental disabilities also confess to crimes they haven’t committed. The real tragedy? That people who fell prey to their interrogators in these cases end up being convicted and sentenced – sometimes to years behind bars.

What to Do if You (Or Someone You Love) Has Given a False Confession

First, don’t panic. Yes, you’re in a tight spot… but you’re also in the right place. Working with a qualified criminal lawyer in Milwaukee or Waukesha can make a huge difference. Don’t worry about the “criminal defense” part, either; simply working with a criminal defense lawyer is not an admission that you’ve really done something wrong. In fact, a criminal defense lawyer is your best bet – nobody understands the laws and their consequences like the people who spend day in and day out in court.

Make sure you explain the entire situation to your lawyer. That way, he or she can make the facts come to light and help protect your reputation (and your freedom).

Carlos “Don’t Talk to Anyone but a Lawyer” Gamiño

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