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How to Protect Yourself if Faced with Shoplifting Allegations

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/08/14

According to a study by the National Learning and Resource Center on shoplifting around $13 billion worth of items are stolen annually. This leaves little doubt that shoplifting is one of the most common forms of theft in the US.

The reason for its prevalence is probably because people are under the impression that they can easily get away with it with a mere slap on the wrist. However,  that isn’t always the case.  The penalties  for shoplifiting in Wisconsin may vary depending on the value of the items stolen.  Additionally, investigating officers and prosecutors often have the option of issuing a municipal citation or arresting the shoplifter to face criminal charges.  If you find yourself being accused of shoplifting, it is best to seek legal representation  from an experienced criminal defense lawyer to  have a better change of avoiding serious penalties. 

When clients in Wisconsin are facing shoplifting charges, Attorney Carlos Gamino  often sees similarities in  the alleged events.  The police reports say that the suspect was seen running out of the store and many people confess when confronted by store personnel or investigating officers. 

The question is what should you if you are suspected of shoplifting? We think:  

·       First and foremost, it is a bad idea to flee the store. If you have been wrongfully accused, trying to run will only be used against you as evidence of your guilt. After all, if the detention is unfair, you can always contest it in court. If you are guilty, fleeing the store will only complicate matters.  Whether you are guilty or not, running away only makes you look guilty.

·       It is also not a good idea to make any statements. If you believe accepting fault or providing an innocent reason for retail theft will encourage the authorities into letting you go, think twice. This doesn’t normally happen. There is a reason why Miranda warnings that are given state: “Anything you say can, AND WILL, be used against you.  The first advice any experienced lawyer like Attorney Carlos Gamino will normally give you is to refrain from making any custodial statements.

·       Hire someone experienced in dealing with such cases. If you think you can handle a shoplifting charge on your own, think again. It is a serious matter for which you should seek professional advise.

Bottom-line, if you are suspected of shoplifting, hire someone adept at defending criminal accusations, with relevant experience, and increase your odds of winning your case. 

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