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How Juvenile Cases Can Benefit from a Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/02/13

When we are young, we don’t always make the brightest of decisions. Some kids may get in trouble while under the pressure of their friends to act tough or look cool, and may end up doing something they might regret, like breaking the law.

To a child or teen, the potential penalties of a criminal arrest are not as threatening as they might be to an adult. Attorney Carlos A. Gamino recognizes that kids may not even see a crime as something malicious or harmful. A large percentage of juvenile crimes in Milwaukee involve petty theft or other minor offenses that are not intended to impose harm on another person. The offender may not even think what they are doing is a big deal.

However, to the legal system, even a crime committed by a 10-year-old can be severe enough to merit punishment.

The Milwaukee juvenile delinquency system can be a harsh one, leading to years of suffering for the child – even if they were not found guilty of the offense. There are times when the child is a very young age, but they are prosecuted as adults instead of juveniles, which ruins their adult record for the rest of their lives.

It’s imperative that when a juvenile is accused of a delinquency or misdemeanor, they understand they have rights and should not be allowed to suffer at the hands of a prosecutor who is determined to impose the fullest extent of penalties upon a child, who oftentimes knows no better. The child may have been threatened into committing the offense or may even come from an abusive home.

Hiring an experienced Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in the case, increasing the chances that the charges will be heard in juvenile court and that a fair judgment will be imposed. 

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