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Experienced Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer Matt Last Takes Another Serious Felony Charge to Trial

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/19/14

Attorney Matt Last from Gamino Law Offices recently completed a two-day criminal trial before Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Mel Flanagan.   Attorney Last’s client was charged with domestic abuse related battery, strangulation and suffocation, and possession of THC.

This was a case that involved an argument between boyfriend and girlfriend that took place in the parking lot to their apartment.  In its case in chief, the prosecutor for the State of Wisconsin presented the testimony of the client’s girlfriend and her daughter, who observed the incident.  The state claimed that the evidence showed that the client had committed the charged offenses.  The states evidence included testimony that the client and his girlfriend had arrived home from a birthday party had gone to together earlier in the day.  That when they got home, the client and his girlfriend had began arguing inside their vehicle. The testimony then showed that the argument continued to the parking lot where my client was said to have gotten physical with his girlfriend and began to choke her.  The district attorney also presented pictures said to depict injuries to the victim’s neck.

Unfortunately, for the client, according to the investigating police officers from the Milwaukee Police Department, the officers testified that when they arrived on the scene the victim’s daughter consented to let them in to the residence. The police claimed that when they entered the residence they observed the client run to the back of the house and throw a baggie containing what later was identified as marijuana.   Prior to trial Milwaukee criminal defense attorney Matt Last filed a motion to suppress the evidence.  However, the judge denied his suppression motion.  

During the trial the client took the stand to testify in his own defense.  The theory of defense was that the alleged victim, the client’s girlfriend, made up the allegations that resulted in the police being called because she was mad at the client.  The testimony from the defense was that the couple had been drinking that day at the birthday party, but when they arrived back at their house there was a verbal argument inside the car.  As a result of the argument and the client’s concern that his girlfriend might drive drunk, he took away the car keys.  Afterwards the argument continued in to the parking lot and lasted a short while, however the client walked away and his girlfriend left the residence.

If you are charged with a crime in Milwaukee, WI, make sure you find a strong criminal defense team of lawyers who are prepared to take your case to trial and make every argument available in your defense.  

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