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Eau Claire County Joins Wisconsin Crime Alert Network

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/16/13

As our Wisconsin criminal lawyers previously reported, violent crime rates in Wisconsin are at an all-time high. This has led several authorities in the state to push for legislation that will tighten existing crime laws, including proposing stricter gun laws.

Now, Eau Claire County has taken matters into its own hands and has approved a resolution that would call for a special crime reporting tool in hopes of lowering the crime rate in the area.

The Eau Claire County Board has approved the establishment of the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN) in Eau Claire County. The WCAN is a system that allows law enforcement officials to send out alerts to the public regarding crimes in their areas. Over 7,000 Wisconsin residents, businesses and law enforcement officers are using the Network, which involves receiving notification on crime alerts, amber alerts (child abduction), and missing persons alerts via email, text message and fax.

The cost to join the network is $12 per year but for businesses that are established in more than one location in the county, only one $12 fee is required.

 Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen selected the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office as one of six agencies in the program, which he feels can serve as “one more tool for law enforcement.” Attorney Carlos Gamino hopes it will help public safety.  

Officers in the sheriff’s office will be able to send out alerts and even upload photos to send along with notifications to businesses including convenience stores and banks, schools, and private citizens. Once an alert is sent to a specific area, the notification is received by all recipients.    

The La Crosse County Sheriff's Office and the La Crosse Police Department also participate in the WCAN program.


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