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Civil Rights Coalition Denounces Anti-Immigration Sentiments in Milwaukee

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/22/13

A civil rights coalition composed of various community and religious groups has denounced the anti-immigration sentiments in Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin, calling the beliefs of those opposed to immigrant rights extreme and hurtful. The group got together last week at Milwaukee City Hall to call attention to Wisconsin legislators, urging them to pass comprehensive immigration reform laws, which they claim the public supports as per a recent poll.  

According to the group, a recent Pew poll showed that 71% of surveyors supported immigration reform in Milwaukee, but still, nothing is being done to help provide immigrants with a path toward citizenship.

The activist group also condemned the actions of Steven Krieser, the former assistant deputy for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, who earlier this month compared immigrants to Satan. They praised Gov. Scott Walker, who has previously expressed support for immigration reform, for firing Krieser immediately after the incident. 

"The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce commends Gov. Walker's swift action in firing Krieser, who spewed his own Satanic venom," said Hispanic Chamber President and CEO Maria Monreal-Cameron.

The group also discussed comments made by U.S. Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa), who claimed many immigrant teens are drug mules, and denounced television ads by the Federation for American Immigration Reform in Wisconsin which criticized U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) for his support of immigration reform.

The group will also be visiting other cities in the state to spread their positive message about immigration reform.

Immigrants in Milwaukee have been targeted far too many times by anti-immigration reform proponents, but it’s important for all foreigners and their loved ones to know they do have rights and can turn to an attorney like Carlos Gamino for help when need be.

Milwaukee immigration attorneys can help with several matters, including legal status application, deportation, family reunification, and even criminal charges. Having an experienced Milwaukee immigration lawyer on a case can drastically increase the chances of attaining a favorable outcome.


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