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Charged with Identity Theft: Is Your Life Over?

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/10/14

Sometimes mistakes happen; we make bad choices or we just don’t know any better. Whether you’ve already spoken with a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney or you’re just trying to find out what your next step should be, being charged with identity theft in Wisconsin is no small matter.

But what kind of outcome can you expect? Is this the end of your life as you know it?

Wisconsin Laws on Identity Theft

The laws in Wisconsin are very clear when it comes to identity theft. In broad terms, people who use (or even intend to use) someone else’s personal identifying information as if it was their own can end up in a lot of hot water. Generally, the identity fraud laws in Wisconsin apply to people who are trying to get something of value, to avoid penalties or court processes, or to cause damage to the person whose identity they’re using.

Personal identifying information can include (but isn’t limited to):

·       Names and addresses

·       Driver’s license numbers

·       Social Security numbers

·       Employer Identification numbers

·       Bank account numbers

Can You Go to Prison for Identity Theft in Wisconsin?

If you’re convicted of identity theft in the state of Wisconsin, you can go to prison. Because identity theft is treated as a Class H felony, the maximum punishment is six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

What to Do if You’re Charged with Identity Theft in Wisconsin

First, don’t panic. It’s easier said than done, but the most important thing is to keep your composure. If you haven’t already contacted a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, do so as soon as possible. Your lawyer may advise you to stop answering questions about the alleged crime – and if he does, take it to heart. Your lawyer is there to protect your rights under Wisconsin law, and he has your best interests in mind.

The more information you give your attorney, the better off you’ll be. Make sure you’re completely open and honest with your lawyer; it’s the only way he can give you the protection you deserve. Call attorney Carlos A. Gamiño at (414)383-6700 in Milwaukee or (262)650-6700 in Waukesha. You can also send us a confidential email and let us know a little about your situation; we’re ready to work hard on your behalf and ensure your rights are preserved during this difficult time.

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