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Burglary Charges- Increase Your Odds Of Success By Seeking Legal Help

by Gamino Law Offices on 02/23/14

Did you know that around 6,988 cases of burglary are reported annually in the city of Milwaukee alone? With property crimes at an all-time high, it is crucial to find out what to do if you find yourself facing such felony charges.

Any criminal charge, regardless of its nature, can lead to legal hassles. Felony charges, and burglary in particular, are handled more strictly than misdemeanors; and in most cases, the accused faces severe penalties if found guilty. In other words, if you find yourself accused of burglary, it is strongly advised you seek legal help from professional, responsible Milwaukee criminal attorney.

Before you make a decision, there are some areas where you may need more information. For instance, under what circumstances can charges be brought against you? An unlawful or forced entry into an occupied or unoccupied property with the intent of committing a crime can result in an individual calling the police and charges being pressed against you. There are also a range of other charges that could be brought in similar situations, or depending on what was used to gain entry to a building, such as criminal trespass to dwelling, theft, possession of burglarious tools, and disorderly conduct.

When do you need an attorney? If you have been arrested for committing a burglary, you will need a competent criminal lawyer like Attorney Carlos Gamino to fight your case in court. An experienced attorney will not only be well versed with the details of the legal process for your defense, he will take the right path to protect you and your rights.

Bottom-line, if you find yourself charged with burglary, it is not a good idea to fend off accusations on your own. Contact an aggressive defense lawyer to keep a criminal charge from ruining your life.   

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