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Bail bondsmen debate in Wisconsin

by Gamino Law Offices on 06/06/13

The discussion continues on whether to allow Wisconsin to have bail bondsmen.  The idea has long been opposed by local judges, prosecutors and police, but has many backers to the proposal that has resurfaced for debate.  The bail bond program that is currently proposed would allow a judge to decide whether to permit each particular defendant charged with a crime in Wisconsin to have an option to use a bail bondsman who would be allowed to receive 10% of the bail as payment.  

When bail bondsmen are used, the bondsman is required to pay the court the full bond amount for defendants who have engaged their service and abscond from court, but the bondsman is allowed to track down such people who do not show up.  Proponents pose that the idea will help courts run more efficient by ensuring required appearances by defendants.  Opponents site reasons that span from concerns over less funds from forfeited bond money being available for crime victims to concerns about allowing private persons who are not sworn police officers and the actions that they would take to detain absconders, such as breaking down doors to arrest people.

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