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Attorney General Candidate Talks Public Safety and White Collar Crime Defense

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/19/14

These are exciting times. We are in the midst of Wisconsin's first open attorney general's race since 2002.  State Rep. Jon Richards is trying to emerge victorious, and recently shared his plans if sworn into office. His campaign focuses on public safety, equal rights and a more transparent government.

He plans on making changes to the department in order to provide better protection for Wisconsin residents. As of now, Rep. Richards is working to ensure the state’s consumer protection division is fully staffed and armed  with sufficient tools to uncover crimes, especially white collar crimes, which he says are becoming “more and more sophisticated.”

White collar crimes in Wisconsin include check fraud, credit card fraud, ponzi schemes, and embezzlement, to name a few. These types of crimes usually offer a financial gain for the perpetrator. However, if caught and sentenced, suspects face not only the penalty of paying back the money they stole, but will be stuck with even greater financial penalties in court.

The attorneys at Gamino Law Offices offer superior criminal defense for those accused of white collar crimes. If you or someone you love has been arrested on a white collar crime offense, turn to a criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee for help today.

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