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Arraignments for suspects accused of robbery in Milwaukee

by Gamino Law Offices on 03/02/14

Several individuals who have been charged with a string of armed robberies in Milwaukee had arraignments in court recently.  They all pled not guilty.  Milwaukee has had its fair share of reported robberies, armed robberies, and even bank robberies recently. The police have been warning residents to stay aware of their surroundings, walk with a buddy, and to not consume too much alcohol. 


The recent robberies for which this group of 5 suspects have been charged were each similar in nature:  victims were walking down the street when they were approached by a group of people who showed what the victims believed was a gun and demanded money or valuables.  A witness called police after the third robbery and police were able to track down the vehicle the group was using, resulting in the arrests and the pending robbery charges.  Three men, a woman, and a 17 year old girl have been charged with the crimes.  While these charges progress through the Wisconsin court system, the defendants would all be well advised to seek the assistance of an aggressive Milwaukee criminal defense lawyer like Carlos Gamino as the penalties they will be facing are severe.  Police credit the citizen witnesses who came forward to provide information and the work of the police officers in solving these crimes.

 Milwaukee police are currently looking for assistance to help them solve recent bank robberies in the Milwaukee area.  

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