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Ald. Bob Donovan: Mayor is “Impotent” in Addressing Milwaukee Violent Crime Issue

by Gamino Law Offices on 08/05/13

Individuals accused of a crime may been in greater need of an experienced Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal defense attorney if a plan to merge city and state forces comes together.

Fed up with what he considers Mayor Tom Barrett's administration’s “impotence” when addressing Milwaukee’s violent crime rate, Ald. Bob Donovan has asked to meet with Gov. Scott Walker to discuss the formation of a city and state public safety partnership.

According to Donovan, he and others met with state officials last year to discuss a public safety improvement project that would involve both city and state cooperation, but nothing has been done to move forward with the plans. The alderman claims there were several meetings and talks about budget amendments in order to address the issue of public safety in Milwaukee, but so far, no action has been taken.

In a letter to Gov. Walker, Donovan requested that officials resume the discussions in order to reduce the incidence of violent crimes in the city.

Although Donovan asserts the Milwaukee Police Department is doing the best it can, given its limited resources, officers just can’t keep on with the growing Milwaukee violent crime rates, which have reached an all-time high since 2008.

Donovan says the Department is "simply understaffed and overworked,” and something more needs to be done to protect Milwaukee residents from harm.

The alderman noted that several neighborhoods are ridden with crime, and as a result, are affecting the entire city. Local defense attorney Carlos Gamino noted there were 12 shootings in Milwaukee the weekend of July 26-28, and at least 14 shootings, two of which resulted in fatalities, this past weekend.

Mr. Donovan is urging the governor’s office to step in and take serious action to reduce these rates and remove the dangers from Milwaukee streets.  

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