WI Spousal Support Calculator

Determine how much spousal maintenance you may owe or receive in a WI divorce

Alimony, which is commonly referred to as spousal maintenance in Wisconsin, is meant to help the lower-earning spouse make ends meet during and after divorce. Gender doesn’t matter when it comes to calculating alimony in Wisconsin; in fact, there isn’t even a specific formula that the courts use.

How Alimony is Calculated in Wisconsin

In some cases, a couple can agree on how much money will change hands for spousal maintenance. However, if the parties cannot agree, the court will decide whether it’s awarded, how much it will be, and how long it will last.

If a judge has to decide how much alimony will change hands in your divorce case, he or she will likely consider:

  • How much money you made as a couple
  • How much money you each have while separated
  • Both of your expenses
  • Whether each of you has the ability to support yourselves
  • Your ages
  • Special circumstances (such as one of you being unable to work because you provide full-time care for someone who’s disabled, attending school full-time, or other factors)
  • Possible tax consequences for both parties

Once a judge has decided, the ruling is legally binding. You’ll have to petition the court to change the ruling if you’re not happy with it.

Wisconsin Alimony Calculator

While there isn’t a formula for determining alimony in Wisconsin, Gamiño Law Offices has created a spousal maintenance calculator that will give you an idea of how much money you have now compared to what you had while you were married.

Simply enter your total income, both while you were married and after you separated; then enter your expenses in both instances. Click “Calculate” on the Wisconsin alimony calculator to determine exactly how much money, more or less, that you have to live on now as compared to when you were married. You can use this number as a springboard to determine how much alimony you should ask your soon-to-be ex to give you.

Be sure to discuss your results from this alimony calculator with your Milwaukee divorce lawyer so he or she knows how to proceed when it’s time to negotiate with your spouse.

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Spousal Maintenance Calculator
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