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We represent clients charged with theft, white collar crimes or fraud in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Jefferson, Ozaukee, Washington, or Dodge Counties.
  • Bank Fraud - Obtaining loans or credit using false statements, embezzling bank funds, check kiting, or otherwise obtaining funds by fraudulent means.
  • Embezzlement - stealing funds that have been entrusted or held for other purposes or from a business or employer.
  • Forgery - Falsely making or altering a document.
  • Healthcare Fraud - Fraudulent billing and other forms of Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud and private health insurance fraud.  
  • Identity Theft - Obtaining, using or selling Social Security numbers, personal data or fake documents.
  • Insurance Fraud - Presenting a false insurance claim or Arson.
  • Mail or Wire Fraud - A scheme to intentionally deprive another of property or services via mail or wire communication.
  • Real Estate or Mortgage Fraud - Colluding to obtain phony mortgages or flipping properties at inflated prices, or homeowners fudging a loan application to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Uttering - Passing a falsely written or altered document for financial or personal gain.
  • Welfare Fraud - Obtaining welfare benefits by misrepresentation or failing to report changes in facts, income or assets.

The term "fraud" encompasses many types of criminal offenses in Wisconsin.  As a result, a variety of business or financial theft crimes or offenses where deception is involved may be charged as a fraud offense in Milwaukee.  Financial and identity crimes in Wisconsin require tenacious negotiators and fierce litigators who can handle complex, voluminous evidence. We have had many years of criminal law experience.  We realize that the mere allegation of fraud, embezzlement or corruption jeopardizes careers and professional licenses, and ruins reputations. We understand that a conviction could mean years in prison.  No matter what the name, if you are under investigation, have been arrested, or are defending any fraud charges in Milwaukee, WI or elsewhere in the area, Gamiño Law Offices, LLC is here to defend you. We represent clients in white collar crimes throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha and southeastern Wisconsin.  
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Our attorneys are available to represent physicians, administrators, billing clerks, public officials, accounting and tax professionals, corporate executives, and individuals of all walks of life charged with fraud crimes in Wisconsin. For more information about our dedicated Waukesha and Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers please contact us today! Also visit our informative criminal law resources page.  

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