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Wisconsin Forgery Laws

Wisconsin Statutes § 943.38 & 943.39 define several kinds of forgery & uttering fraud charges
  • Forging a check. 943.38(1) Wisconsin Statutes.
  • Uttering a forgery*.  943.38(2) Wisconsin Statutes.
  • Possession of a forged writing with intent to utter.  943.38(2)
  • Falsifying corporate records.  943.39(1)
  • Obtaining a signature by fraud.  943.39(2)

*Uttering means to present for payment or to transfer to another.​

Possible sentencing penalties if convicted of Wisconsin Forgery & Uttering Crimes

If charged with forgery or uttering a forged document in Milwaukee, WI for falsely making or altering a document, or obtaining a signature by means of deceit, with intent to defraud, most offenses are a class H felony, with penalties including up to 6 years imprisonment.    

Our lawyers bring strong defenses to uttering and forgery charges.  Contact an experienced fraud lawyer in Milwaukee to defend you today.
Forgery, including check fraud and uttering is a serious criminal offense in Wisconsin.  Penalties range up to 6 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.  If you are charged with uttering a forgery or check fraud in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin, you need skilled representation by a Milwaukee fraud lawyer.  The lawyers at Gamiño Law Offices, LLC have represented clients charged with Milwaukee forgery, uttering and identity theft cases in for over 15 years.  We will bring thorough analysis and proven litigation ability to defend even the most serious charges.
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